ELYSBURG - Work began Monday morning on erecting what will be the tallest ride at Knoebels Amusement Resort.

The StratosFear, custom-made for Knoebels by ARM Rides in Texas and wired and assembled in Wintersville, Ohio, will be 148 feet high. By comparison, the tallest hill of the Twister rollercoaster is 101 feet and the Giant Wheel is 110 feet high.
The Stratos-Fear is similar to the Paradrop, located near the Flume, but is less family-friendly, Knoebels reported.
Twelve riders will be seated and harnessed in a vehicle that forms a perimeter around the tower, and they will be slowly taken up to the top, where they will be able to see the entirety of the park. At some point shortly after, the vehicle will be released, reaching, at most, 47 mph on its trip back to the bottom.
“It is a thrill ride. You need to be ready,” park PR director Joe Muscato said previously.
The new ride will be located across from the Twister bridge.