Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion from three parishes take Communion to the residents of a nursing home on a month-by-month rotating basis. In truth, the Sunday morning visits bless the ministers more than the guests.

Each of our quarterly calls provides enough inspiration for at least several sermons. There are people whom dementia has robbed of their mind and memory, but who can still pray along with "The Our Father" or "Hail Mary." There are those who still thank God despite pain that might make others curse Him.

This month, it was my wife Jo Ann and not a nursing home guest who provided the inspiration for a column. Extraordinary ministers pray a series of prayers with the communicants. I generally place the pyx containing the hosts and the prayer card on a table to pray with the person.

After the "Our Father," I give the host to the person, lowering it onto the person's tongue. This week, I finished taking communion to residents of one wing of the nursing home and went to my wife's wing to see if she needed help. She had only one call left.

We were surprised to discover that a friend of ours was visiting the woman, her grandmother. Jo Ann began the prayers, but when it came to say the "Our Father" and give the woman the host, Jo Ann kneeled so she had direct eye contact with the woman in her bed.

There could not have been a more vivid reminder that Jesus humbled himself to come down to our level to give us the most precious gift of His Love.


When we kneel in prayer, our soul rises in love.