Last week, my wife Jo Ann and I had just got done getting a tour of her aunt's new apartment. As we were about to drive away, her aunt's new landlord, who lives across the street, came out of his home and did something unusual.

There were several pieces of litter lying in the middle of the street. He did not wait for the wind to blow the trash somewhere else. He did not wait for someone else to pick up the litter. He went out into the street and picked up the rubbish himself. The image of him doing this quickly faded from the rear view mirror, but not from my memory.

A few days later, I drove down the street to our home and saw something that I have rarely, if ever seen in our nine years there - litter in the middle of the street. A drink container, a mostly empty french fries carton, used ketchup packets and a bag from a fast-food restaurant lay there. I know the trash wasn't from a happy meal because I wasn't very happy to see it.

I drove by the litter on my way home and again when I went on an errand. The thought of the conscientious litter cleaner of a few days before stayed with me, so when I got home I got a plastic bag, put on gloves and picked up the litter from the street.

Who knows? Maybe somebody saw me and will think about it the next time he or she is in a similar situation.

Of course, the same sort of chain reaction could happen if we go out of our way to help others out of our love for God. This could be particularly the case if we do our good deed hoping that no one will see our charity and praise us for it.

I hope that I keep this lesson in mind the next time I encounter a person who needs some help. Maybe then, I won't be tempted to wish someone else helps that person or that the problem just goes away.

Even if the little that I can do does not inspire someone else, I will remain inspired by God's love.


When we act out love of God, we act as we should.