While I was grabbing my groceries and trying to remember what I forgot to buy, the little driver passed by the checkout.

Actually, it was a really little driver and he wasn't really driving. The tot was behind the plastic wheel of a plastic car in front of a shopping cart propelled by his mom. Of course, the kid didn't know that. As far as he was concerned, he was steering his little car out of the grocery store.

The sight evoked memories of when my brothers and I were as old as or not much older than the little kid in his car. Our parents had a car seat in our big black Buick and it came equipped with a little steering wheel.

When my youngest brother was in the seat and behind the wheel, I have no doubt that he was convinced that he was steering the Buick as it moved down the highway.

Of course, Mother or Dad was behind the real wheel just as the woman was behind the shopping cart and its toy car.

The situation was different when I was making the big transition from tricycle to bicycle and Dad removed the training wheels from the two-wheeler. Dad ran along by my side as I got off to a shaky start, but soon I was actually going on my own. Of course, he was there to pick me and the bike up when I got going a little too fast on my own.

We often get so self-absorbed that we think our will is the only one that matters. We often forget that our will is meaningless unless it is aligned with God's will. He is guiding us through life, although we often think we're in the driver's seat.

God doesn't impose His will on ours. Like my dad and the bike, He is there to get us going in the right direction.

More importantly, God is there to help us up when we fall by not living in love.


We travel best when we go with God.