While growing up, dishwashing duty meant I would be staring at the wall behind the sink. In Jo Ann's and my first home, there was some improvement. The paneling behind the sink had a floral pattern.

However, it was not until we moved to our present home that a dishwashing vista became available. The sink is in front of a window that gives me a view of our garden and those of our neighbors.

Through it I see the colors of the seasons. Our island bed contains plants of various shades of green, golden yellow and bright red in a variety of shapes and sizes. The welcome return of a green lawn in the spring is balanced seasonally by fall's color change to our neighbors' oak trees.

While rabbits, squirrels and an occasional itinerant chipmunk pass through the gardens, there are people-pleasing sights as well.

There is the perpetual motion of a pair of pretty twin neighbor girls as they enjoy sliding board and swings, as well as the simple pleasure of just running and laughing. In the next garden over, a college student kicks a soccer ball with her elementary-school-age sister. Often one or both of their parents join in.

Many people go through life the same way I washed dishes for many years - blinded to just about everything that lies before them and bored with what they do see.

Others take notice of what beauty lies before their eyes. However, the appreciation is dull because they do not take notice of the Creator of such scenes.

The truly blessed ones are the ones who realize that they are truly blessed. They see God's gift of natural beauty in the plants and animals. They hear God's voice in the laughter of children. They feel the warmth of God's love in the examples of loving families.

If the old saying is true that the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the soul is the window to God and his love.


We can see God everywhere if we take the time to look.