A while back, I wrote about earworms. They are those songs you just can't get out of your head - no matter how badly you want them to stop playing.

Of course, there are good and bad points with just about everything. One earworm that I enjoy hearing, the Spiral Staircase's "I Love You More Today than Yesterday," was mentioned in the previous column.

Not so coincidentally, today's song also has to deal with love. My wife Jo Ann and I like to watch old movies on Saturday night, and one of our favorites is the Doris Day musical "The Pajama Game." In it, she and co-star John Raitt sing "There Once Was a Man." It is probably better known as "I Love You More."

In the duet, Day and Raitt's characters try to prove that each loves the other with a deeper love. It ends in a melodic tie. Although I cannot carry a tune, I can relate the lyrics to how Jo Ann and I feel about each other.

St. Francis de Sales, who is sometimes called "the Doctor of Love," relates everything to love. This includes our love for others, our love of God and God's love for us.

Francis makes an important point. "Remain united with God and love Him with all your heart, always remembering that we cannot love Him too much nor can we ever love Him enough. How wonderful it is to know that we can love without falling into excess; there is no danger of that when it is God Whom we are loving."

In other words, we can always love God more, but we cannot ever love Him as much as He loves us.


There is never a danger of loving God too much.