SUNBURY — The teen who police say tried to run over an officer with his car before being shot last year is back in Northumberland County Court today.

Naheem Reams, now 18, was led into the courthouse about 9 a.m. this morning for a hearing that, among other things, will address his lawyer’s attempt to move his case to juvenile court. He was 17 at the time of the incident on June 5.

The hearing had been scheduled for March 4, but was delayed at the last minute when defense attorney Timothy Bowers claimed he wasn’t given enough notice about the proceeding. It led to some tense moments between Bowers and District Attorney Tony Rosini, who complained about an expensive witness being in town prepared to testify.

The hearing was then rescheduled for today.

Reams, who pleaded not guilty to all the offenses in a Sept. 10 preliminary hearing, was charged Aug. 2 as an adult with six counts of aggravated assault and other charges involving the pursuit last year in Sunbury that ended at Chestnut and Front streets.
It was shortly after 1 a.m. when Sunbury police were attempting to clear the 400 block of North Fourth Street for street sweeping when they encountered Reams, who they said for unknown reasons fled in his car at speeds that would reach 70 mph.
When Reams slowed near Chestnut and Front streets, officers moved in, but police say Reams struck two police vehicles with his car, and caused minor injuries to one officer when he was briefly pinned at his car door.
Reams then revved his engine and drove toward another officer who had his gun drawn, police said, prompting the officer to fire. The shot went through the windshield and struck Reams near the sternum.
Reams spent 20 days in the hospital before being placed in a juvenile detention facility on an unrelated warrant. He was later transferred to Northumberland County Prison.

Rosini investigated the police officer’s use of deadly force and found he was justified.