Thea Tafner was released from the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBP) this morning as expected.
Chris Burke, spokesman, confirmed her release from a home confinement program with the New Orleans Community Corrections Office. With that, she begins two years of supervision as ordered in her May 2011 sentencing.
Tafner was in Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, W.Va., from June 20, 2011, until May 28 of this year, at which time she was transferred to a halfway house until July 11. Since then, she was in the New Orleans program.
She served about 25 months of her 30-month sentence, a typical 85 percent for prisoners who are released early for good behavior.
The bureau is not authorized to provide any further details, Burke said, including where Tafner may be living.
As with any released federal prisoner, she will report to a U.S. probation officer at prescribed times. The frequency is usually tailored to the case and the defendant’s background. While all released prisoners following general terms of supervision, there are some details specific to a case, such as drug testing or monitoring of financial accounts, Burke said.

Tafner, former ambulance committee chairwoman for American Hose Chemical and Fire Company, Mount Carmel, was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to embezzlement for opening a fraudulent bank account where investigators said she directed $3,712,203 in Medicare payments.
Her 2.35-acre property at 498 Elysburg Road, along Route 54 in Rush Township between Elysburg and Danville, was sold through a sheriff’s sale earlier this year for $10,603.77, the amount owed in back taxes and associated costs. Tafner was not paying the mortgage on the Rush Township property and the bank filed with the court to determine a judgment of $133,551.44.
She also owns 100-102 W. Saylor St., Atlas, and a 6,350-square-foot empty lot on the same street, but both of those properties are on the list for Northumberland County’s next upset sale in September. At an upset sale, properties are sold with payment of all liens, back taxes and mortgage required.

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