WWE offers Extreme Rules this evening from East Rutherford's Izod Center with the Shield facing Evolution in what most people would consider the main event, though Kane will be challenging Daniel Bryan for the WWE heavyweight championship on the same show.

John Cena battles Bray Wyatt in a steel cage match in another bout of major interest, while Big E Langston defends the Intercontinental belt against Bad News Barrett after Barrett emerged victorious in the tournament conducted the past two weeks on Raw to determine the top contender for what was once a prestigious title.

There is a three-way with Cesaro vs. RVD vs. Jack Swagger that also pits managers Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter at odds with each other. Alex Rusev takes on Xavier Woods and R-Truth in a handicap bout. Paige defends the Divas championship against Tamina Snuka and Hornswoggle squares off with Torito in a Wee TLC match. The show is available only on the WWE Network or from local cable companies, but not on the satellite systems of Dish Network or Direct TV.

Early on Monday's Raw, there was a surreal scene in which Bray Wyatt led a bunch of children in pig masks down to ringside, similar to when Bryan hijacked the program with his 'Yes' movement. This was apparently a demonstration of how he was stealing John Cena's fans, a fairly unique but seemingly effective way of cultivating interest in their unusual program.

This past week at Raw also saw the return of Ric Flair, who joined Evolution in the ring, but cut a relatively short promo that included him saying that it was great to be back in the ring with a dominant group, and that group was the Shield. Seems as if he stabbed Evolution in the back, but there was a wink and it would not be a huge surprise if he did something at the ppv tonight to help Evolution come out on top.

Stephanie tried the fake apology trick on Daniel Bryan, who was selling the injured neck by wearing a cervical collar. Steph gave Brie a Diva title match to help make it up to Daniel, and Daniel was at ringside during it, but Kane came up through the ring and was about to attack Brie until Bryan saved her. Brie later called Steph a five letter name that rhymes with itch, which got a pretty big crowd pop, but probably set the improved relations with Bruno back a few steps.

Bad News Barrett managed to defeat RVD with the help of outside interference from Cesaro in the final of the IC tourney to determine a number one contender to face Big E at tonight's ppv. Jack Swagger also came down to brawl with Cesaro and that leads us to the three-way scheduled for this evening. Roman Reigns battled with Randy Orton in another match that ended without a finish as members of Evolution and the Shield joined the fracas to build toward this evening's feature attraction.

Sad to report the death of former AWA, WCW and WWF announcer Lee Marshall who passed away from cancer this past week at the age of 64. While he worked for several years for Verne Gagne in the AWA and for a few years for WCW, he literally had just a cup of coffee with the WWF when he did some WrestleMania II announcing from Los Angeles, as they did the show from three locations that year. Marshall had a classic radio voice and worked in it for several decades, before and during the time he was doing wrestling and was also the voice of Tony the Tiger of Kellogs Frosted Flakes after the original gentleman who did it, Thurl Ravenscroft passed away in 2005.

A quick clarification from an erroneous headline last week, the Ultimate Warrior does not have a son. He has two daughters. There was apparently some confusion with the death of the Warrior and the mention of Daniel Bryan's father's passing which led to the mistake and apologies to all for the innocent misrepresentation.

(Shamokin's Bill Gilger "arranges" the interview each week with The Insider)