After a suspect Survivor Series pay-per-view, WWE appears desperate enough to pull the emergency rabbit out of the hat, while the PCWA return to Mount Carmel last Saturday hit a few snags of its own and TNA laid an egg with its throwaway Thanksgiving evening Impact. In other words, the past week wasn't necessarily one of the finest weeks in pro wrestling history.

At last Sunday's Survivor Series, Miz bested Kofi Kingston. Big E Langston retained the IC belt over Curtis Axel. The rumored super push for Roman Reigns appeared to have begun when he speared and eliminated four of five opponents in a traditional SS bout to lead his group to victory. Natalya forced A.J. Lee to submit to the sharpshooter allowing herself and Nikki Bella to survive for their team in another SS elimination match that really seemed rushed.

Mark Henry returned and pinned Ryback after one of those big slams in a quick match. John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio to retain the world heavyweight championship. Cena sold the injured arm most of the way until getting the chance to hit the Attitude Adjustment for the pin. Punk pinned Luke Harper as he and Daniel Bryan teamed to defeat Harper and Erick Rowan in their tag match.

Randy Orton pinned Big Show after a rather dubious looking punt in a bout that was described by some as one of the worst WWE pay-per-view main events in quite some time. Triple H, Stephanie and Kane were all out and distracted Show prior to the finish. Cena came out to confront Orton afterward in an apparent tease of a future champion versus champion bout that was confirmed the next night at Raw for the upcoming TLC pay-per-view in December.

While WWE has been struggling of late with ppv buyrates and television ratings, it has always had the possibility of a title unification match to go to and it looks like they have decided to go there now. With the abandonment of the two distinct brand names touring separately, it does make sense to go back to having one unified championship and provide a bit of intrigue at a time when there seems to be very little.

Ox Hogg retained the PCWA heavyweight title when Rick Ryder failed to reach his feet by the 10-count in their main event Last Man Standing bout held at Mount Carmel High School last Saturday night. The two had toured most of the gymnasium and utilized a number of international objects before a missed legdrop from halfway up a ladder resulted in the final demise of Ryder.

Arbo and Andy successfully defended their tag team belts against the challenge of 2 of A Kind in what would have to be considered the best wrestling match of the evening. The popular and athletically talented duo simply get it. Their timing is almost always spot on and there is a certain amount of charisma the pair sports that sets them apart. Andy's majestic moonsault from the top turnbuckle onto his opponents on the floor outside the ring was certainly a daring highlight of the night and Arbo's strikes were crisp and audible.

The diminutive fly-weight Freak Boy beat Shamokin's Johnny Ice. Drew Chaos bested the Crimson Avenger. Autumn Breeze and and Francesca Donatella outmaneuvered Melissa Coates and Amy TuTone. The Mongoose was stymied by Chad McCoy.

Hard-working local grappler Tony Deppen fell short in his challenge of Jimmie the High-Flyin Hippie for the United States title. Ghostbusters Johnny Stantz and Ryan Venkman defeated the Lawless Idols in a solid, but relatively short tag bout and Pennsylvania Champ GI Bear took the measure of Nick Destiny in a Strap Match that included an unexplained stroll in by a large critter that seemed as uncertain about why he was there as the people in the audience.

The show marked the return of local pro wrestling, but went a bit long, endured a late start, a few no-shows and a couple of brief power interruptions along the way. There is talk of another PCWA card in April and we will give you the details as we get them.

Over at TNA, we got a Thanksgiving night Impact that sported a funeral segment for Aces and Eights on a night when turkey and football probably made them think they shouldn't worry too much about what they threw out there because nobody would be watching anyway. Hope they were right.