It was a bit of a strange week in pro wrestling. There was some decent in-ring wrestling to be sure, some very questionable booking and the passing of some big names from the past. Actually, that sounds like a fairly typical week in pro wrestling.

Raw's main event featured a unique 11-on-3 elimination handicap match in which the faces (the good guys) lead by Daniel Bryan, had the mathematical advantage, but the heels were the Shield and some of the faces took beatings before ever getting to the main event.

RVD, who is supposed to be getting a world title rematch with Del Rio at the next pay-per-view, wrestled to a double count out against Randy Orton and sold a big-time beating before coming out and getting eliminated first by Dean Ambrose via pinfall in the main event. Is that the way to book a number one contender? Not usually.

Bryan eventually emerged victorious by pinning Seth Rollins. Jay Uso actually eliminated Roman Reigns by getting the three count after a splash and after Reigns had single-handedly eliminated three competitors by pins after spears.

C.M. Punk returned to a huge ovation from the hometown Chicago crowd, his reception probably wasn't hurt any by being decked out in a Blackhawks' jersey. Punk also attended a Cubs game while in the Windy City and got some spotlight time there. As Punk tried to attack the cocky wheelchair bound Paul Heyman, Ryback made the save and continued their build for the upcoming ppv.

Steph McMahon had Big Show out for Miz TV and torched the Miz with some "inside" rips about him peaking too early and being a media/utility player etc., but not a top player in WWE. Big Show then followed Steph's orders and knocked the Miz flat.

Early on Raw, Kofi Kingston was having a pretty good go of it with Alberto Del Rio and showing off some of his considerable athleticism, before undoing his own credibility with several preposterously stupid efforts to "Kofi up" with a badly injured arm (hurting himself more in the process) before submitting to the armbreaker.

TNA did an angle with Dixie Carter serving notice to Hulk Hogan that he had one week (until next week's Impact) to decide which side he supported in her feud with the Phenomenal A.J. Styles, whose contract she tore to shreds after the Hulkster had worked so hard to convince Styles to sign it.

Rumors abound that Hogan's TNA contract actually expires this coming week and the financial shape of the company doesn't seem to assure that he will necessarily be re-signed. Not likely that Vince would want him back unless he would be willing to work for a lot less, though the low Raw rating this past Monday might be well-timed for Hogan negotiating power.

Hey, Dusty is rumored to be coming in for a six-man tag with his sons against the Shield for Battleground next month. Why not bring Hulk back, pry Goldberg out of retirement to feud with Ryback next and trot out the Ultimate Warrior while they are at it for a sure fire short-term ratings boost?

Last Monday's Raw featured an In Memoriam for Angelo Savoldi, who passed away last weekend at 99. He was a founding member of the Capitol Wrestling organization (pre WWWF days) that included Phil Zacko, Willie Gilzenberg, Gorilla Monsoon and Vince McMahon Sr. As a wrestler, he held the world junior heavyweight title several times during his career and dropped it to legendary Danny Hodge when Hodge was just breaking into the pro ranks according to the website.

Also passing away to that squared circle in the sky recently was former wrestler, ref and handler for Andre the Giant, Frenchy Bernard. Bernard was 77 and lived on Andre's ranch in North Carolina after the giant's death several years ago as Andre left the place to Frenchy and his wife who cared for Andre for several of his final years.