Up next: Southern Columbia grad Henry Hynoski and his New York Giants' teammates will travel to San Francisco to face the 4-1 49ers in a rematch of last year's NFC Championship game that sent the Giants to the Super Bowl. The game is scheduled to be broadcast on television on Fox stations.

Last week: Hynoski (No. 45) was held without a carry or a catch in the Giants' 41-27 win over the Cleveland Browns. To date, Hynoski's statistics are two carries for seven yards and five catches for 21 yards.

The Giants' running game was in control of the win over the Browns. As a team, New York picked up 30 first downs and ran for a total of 243 yards, a season high. While Hynoski didn't get his hands on the ball at all, he was instrumental in opening a number of holes for starting tailback Ahmad Bradshaw.

In the media: Hosting the Cleveland Browns also brought up fond associations for Hynoski. His father, Henry Sr., played for the Browns' organization, and junior revelled in hearing his father's stories he told Jorge Castillo of The Newark Star-Ledger.

Meanwhile, Hynoski was given plenty of credit for his effort in the win against the Browns by Giants' beat writer Jenny Vrentas of The Star-Ledger. She pointed out in her look back at the game that Hynoski got a key block on Cleveland linebacker L.J. Fort on a 37-yard run by Bradshaw in the third quarter that helped set the tone for the big day for the offense. Hynoski also had a key block on rookie David Wilson's 40-yard touchdown run, the first of his career.

Finally, a recent thread was started on the New York Giants' official message board site titled simply, "Hynoski, Henry," praising the second-year fullback. It's clear fans outside of our local area are taking more notice to the bruising fullback.

Following @HenryHynoski on Twitter: After sifting through the list of fans, some seemingly genuine and others not, asking Hyno for a retweet, Henry asked the Tweet-o-sphere something that must have been bothering him for a while:

"Everyone always says I have a great football name...what classifies it as that? Always wanted to know."