Results and fallout from last week's TNA pay per view and the card for tonight's WWE Hell In A Cell event are among the prime items of interest in this week's examination of the pro wrestling world.

A.J. Styles pinned Bully Ray to capture the TNA world heavyweight title at last Sunday's Bound For Glory ppv in front of a disappointing crowd of approximately 3,000 fans in San Diego. Magnus upended Sting with the Clover Leaf, and Bobby Roode defeated Kurt Angle in other major matches. Sabin won the Ultimate X title over Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Manik and Austin Aries. No signs whatsoever of Hulk Hogan.

Reports indicate the company is planning to head back to Universal Studios in Orlando to do Impact in November, as taking the television tapings on the road has clearly been recognized as a failed experiment. It was a costly move, but one the company felt was at least worth a try and they should be given some credit for being willing to at least test the waters.

Tonight, it is WWE's turn to put on a pay per view as it offers Hell In A Cell with Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton going at it inside the huge metal structure that is most remembered as the backdrop for the unforgettable encounter between Undertaker and Mankind, where our friend Mick Foley took two of the most incredible and hellacious bumps in pro wrestling history on the same evening.

Speaking of Foley, he was back at Knoebels last weekend to sample some October fun at the amusement resort. He hasn't had a lot of luck with the weather on his last couple of visits to the Grove, but he still seems to enjoy the park rain or shine. Mick, who has been busy this month with numerous shows on the comedy circuit, is in Florida this weekend and advertised for the Comedy Zone in New Cumberland (near Harrisburg) for Nov. 14.

C.M. Punk will take on Ryback and Paul Heyman in another HIAC encounter this evening. The big news, though, is the early return of John Cena after surgery on his triceps just a couple of months ago. Cena will challenge Alberto Del Rio for the world heavyweight championship.

If memory serves me correctly, Cena's last match was a loss to Daniel Bryan in a WWE title bout and then he was off a couple of months recovering from surgery. How does that make him the number one contender for Del Rio's belt? Why do I cling to the notion that this stuff should make sense and be somewhat logical? I should know better.

Other bouts at HIAC include the newly crowned tag team champs, Cody Rhodes and Goldust defending the straps in a three-way against the Shield and the Usos. A.J. Lee defends the Diva's crown against Brie Bella, and Big E Langston, fresh off his face-turn, battles with Curtis Axel for the I.C. championship.

A big part of the intrigue for this show centers around what Shawn Michaels will do as special guest referee for the main event. Michaels trained Daniel Bryan, but has been best friends for years with Triple H. Big Show would seem to figure in the eventual outcome and will probably go on to feud with Hunter down the road if the belt ends up with Bryan.

Last Monday's Raw featured the traditional contract signing for the main event, during which Triple H dished RVD and Chris Jericho as guys like Bryan who were good, but not quite top guys. That resulted in a tweet from Y2J that could set up a future feud with HHH down the road. It is always good to build toward lots of possibilities and keep people wondering.

(Shamokin's Bill Gilger "arranges" the interview each week with The Insider)