We have tons of news this week with Hell In A Cell pay-per-view results, the death of another former pro wrestler and health updates on a couple of prominent WWE personalities among our top headlines.

Though John Cena was not competing at the ppv, he was out at the start of it to answer questions from fans. Vickie Guerrero came out to accuse him of improprieties as part of a storyline that led to her protege Dolph Ziggler coming out to attack Cena.

Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio in the opening match with an RKO. Decent match, but it was nothing special as an opener. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow picked up a disqualification victory over tag champs Daniel Bryan and Kane. Kofi Kingston defeated the Miz in their Intercontinental title bout. Antonio Cesaro caught Justin Gabriel with the bolo uppercut on the outside, before throwing him into the ring and hitting him with his finisher for a successful United States title defense.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara bested the Prime Time Players in tag team action with Mysterio getting the duke over Darren Young after a 619 and a rolling splash. Big Show won the world heavyweight championship from Sheamus after a second knockout punch. Dolph Ziggler did not show up to try to cash in his briefcase, so Show left with the title. Eve Torres pinned Layla to retain the divas belt in a three-way that included Kaitlyn.

C.M. Punk retained the WWE crown after rogue ref Brad Maddox gave Ryback a low blow while Ryback had the champ up for a Samoan drop. Punk quickly scored the pin on a fast count by Maddox for the controversial end of the HIAC match that ended Ryback's winning streak, but protected him and provided the groundwork for a return opportunity for Survivor Series if they want to go in that direction.

After the match, Ryback gave Maddox a clothesline, chased Punk up to the top of the cage and gave him the Shell Shock. They continued the bought-off-referee storyline the next night in Charlotte at Raw, but also trotted out Mick Foley to challenge Punk to a Team Foley vs. Team Punk traditional Survivor Series match for the next ppv.

Foley's crew includes Kofi Kingston, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Punk's team will be the Miz, Del Rio, Sandow and Rhodes. There are also rumors of a possible Punk-Foley single match down the road. The rest of the card will probably be taking shape quickly on Raw Monday night from England and during the next couple of television tapings.

Former Georgia Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling star Brad Armstrong passed away suddenly this past Thursday at the all-too-young age of 51. Armstrong was an underrated wrestler who was genuinely well-liked and respected in the profession and a member of the famous Armstrong wrestling family headed by his famous father, Bullet Bob Armstrong, who was inducted just last year into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Brad's brother Brian, aka Jesse Road Dog James, currently works for WWE as an agent, brother Scott works as a WWE referee and brother Steve worked as Lance Cassidy for the company back in 1992. Brad never achieved main event status on the national stage, but was recognized almost universally in the business as an excellent in-ring worker and genuinely nice guy outside of the squared circle.

Ring announcer Lilian Garcia is recovering from injuries sustained recently when she was hit by a car while crossing the street in Los Angeles. She missed the recent Raw and the current European tour. Jerry the King Lawler's return to Raw is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 12. John Cena is back working on a limited basis after the elbow surgery that kept him out of the HIAC ppv main event last week. Beth Phoenix has left WWE to spend some time with her family. The company also announced the WWE Network will be a premium subscription channel like HBO. Still no start date, however.