The 20th anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw, results from last Sunday's Genesis pay per view and another one of those infamous pro wrestling wedding angles are among our top stories this week in the wonderful world of sports entertainment.

Vince McMahon opened Raw this past Monday and promised a steel cage match between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler and a Rock concert as part of the evening's festivities. There were the requisite highlight packages from the past two decades, lame comedy segments to be sure and even a few decent matches interspersed as well.

They did advertise last week that the shrink working on Kane and Daniel Bryan's anger management issues would be back for another lame comedy segment, but did not promote the cage bout in advance. Am I missing something? Granted, probably a brain from watching too many of these shows since 1993, but promoting 101 would seem to support the notion that one might want to advertise the biggest drawing card possible.

Ric Flair returned to visit Miz on Miz TV and they were in the middle of a woo-off when U.S. kingpin Antonio Cesaro interrupted to insult Flair with a clever,but harsh reality check about the four fingers of the Horsemen sign now standing for how many wives Flair has divorced and that being the reason he still has to work in his sixties.

Flair quickly had Cesaro down for the figure four leglock, but graciously deferred to Miz for its application. Rock congratulated Mick Foley with a backstage hug for his Hall of Fame selection and the two chatted while Vickie Guerrero stewed about it being her show. Wade Barrett used a Bullhammer elbow to defeat Randy Orton cleanly by pinfall in an actual match. Kaitlyn defeated Eve Torres to capture the divas championship which led to Torres quitting WWE.

C.M. Punk made relatively short work of Brodus Clay. John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler in a very solid cage match that ended with a helpless A.J. perched atop the steel structure as she teased coming into the bout to assumedly interfere. Not sure quite what she would have had in mind at that.

Rock came out to do a few tastless ditties about Vickie and Paul Heyman. He gave props to Dusty Hill of ZZ Top, who was seated ringside looking as resplendent as any sharp-dressed guy his age with a skuzzy beard can possibly look. When he was done entertaining us on the guitar, he called out Punk and a physical altercation, roll around and monumental pull apart ensued until the credits rolled to close the evening.

Last Sunday's Genesis ppv saw Mr. Anderson upend Samoa Joe. Christian York defeated Kenny King, but subsequently lost to RVD in the X-division title match he had earned with his win over King. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez retained the tag straps with a victory over Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan. Velvet Sky captured a gauntlet event to earn a Knockouts title opportunity in the future. Christopher Daniels beat James Storm and Jeff Hardy survived a three-way for the TNA championship when he pinned Austin Aries after the two of them eliminated Bobby Roode.

Thursday on Impact we got the Brooke Hogan-Bully Ray wedding angle. Every wrestling fan knows these things never quite come off without a major hitch. Knockouts were forced to be bridesmaids. Groomsmen included Sting, Tommy Dreamer and Taz. Hulk conceded to give his daughter away despite his misgivings about the whole deal.

After the exchange of vows and rings, but before the presider pronounced them man and wife, Taz took off his shirt to reveal Aces and Eights apparel and that brought them to the ring to beat on Bully Ray and Hogan. Brooke seemed to have a wardrobe malfunction that was likely intentional to try to get some extra national attention.

A colleague of mine at my day job said he was channel surfing and came upon the fiasco. He wondered if I saw it and I had to admit I did not see it live as I had another work commitment that night. However, I couldn't say I missed it as I would have had to have wanted to see it to "miss it". I just didn't see it. It is available online.

(Shamokin's Bill Gilger "arranges" the interview each week with The Insider)