Whether Henry Hynoski ends up as a draft selection, or signing as a free agent, he's going to have the opportunity of a lifetime.

Where he ends up is open to speculation, but there are some interesting possibilities. Following is a quick look at some potential NFL destinations for the 2007 Southern Columbia graduate who played collegiately at the University of Pittsburgh:

Baltimore Ravens

Day 3 Picks: 4 (26), 5 (34), 6 (15), 6 (26), 7 (22).

On roster: Le'Ron McClain, 2010 stats: 28 carries for 85 yards, 21 receptions for 134 yards

Why it's a good fit: McClain is a Pro-Bowl fullback, but when business begins in the NFL he'll be a free agent. With the shelf life of a running back so short, the Ravens may want some younger blood in the backfield.

New England Patriots

Day 3 Picks: 4 (28), 5 (28), 6 (28)

No fullbacks on roster

Why it's a good fit: Bill Belichik always seems to be ahead of the curve, and with an offensive line facing age and free agency, there's no better way to pick up a blitz than with a 260-pound fullback.

New York Giants

Day 3 Picks: 4 (20), 6 (20), 6 (33), 6 (37), 7 (18)

No fullbacks on roster

Why it's a good fit: Big boy Brandon Jacobs is there, but isn't fullback-ish in the classic sense. The Giants have used fullbacks in the past, and Tom Coughlin is as old school as they get. Tell us that two big backs in one set isn't going to move the ball.

New York Jets

Day 3 Picks: 4 (29), 5 (30), 6 (29), 7 (5)

No fullbacks on roster

Why it's a good fit: In the do-si-do AFC East, if the Patriots are interested, it serves to reason that the Jets are too. And who wouldn't want to block for a future Hall of Famer like LaDainian Tomlinson?

Philadelphia Eagles

Day 3 Picks: 4 (7), 4 (23), 5 (18), 5 (22), 7 (24), 7 (34), 7 (37)

On roster: Leonard Weaver is recovering from foot and knee surgeries, and Owen Schmitt, Weaver's replacement, is a free agent in 2012.

Why it's a good fit: Close to home, personnel connection with Brett Veach, a smattering of picks in the rounds Hynoski is expected to go - it all makes sense, and in Philly, he might really get to show off his hands.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Day 3 Picks: 4 (31), 5 (31), 6 (31), 7 (29)

No fullbacks on roster

Why it's a good fit: The Steelers have had four years to watch Hynoski grow into a dominant blocker, and the Steelers, even with as many passing attempts as they give Ben Roethlisberger, are still a running team. They made it known that he would fit immediately into their system.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Day 3 Picks: 4 (19), 5 (20), 6 (22), 7 (19), 7 (35)

On roster: Erik Lorig, rookie, 1 reception for 10 yards

Why it's a good fit: Ever hear of Erik Lorig? Didn't think so. Ever hear of Mike Alstott? Try not to get burned by the light bulb that just went on. The Bucs are a young team that want to be tough in a pass-happy NFC South.

(Compiled by Dan Burda)