More information on the card marking the return of Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling Alliance to Mount Carmel, an announced main event for WWE's Survivor Series and more questions than answers over at TNA drive our look at pro wrestling this week.

PCWA returns after a two-year hiatus to Mount Carmel High School Nov. 23 with a pro wrestling show highlighted by Ox Hogg defending the company's heavyweight title against Rick Ryder in a Last Man Standing Match. Andy and Arbo, the A-Team defends the tag team championship against the challenge of 2-of-a-Kind.

Jimmy the High Flyin Hippie is scheduled to put his United States belt on the line in a three-way with Tony Deppen and AJ Evers. Pennsylvania Champion G.I Bear faces former WWE star Sal Sincere, and the Patriot is matched up with Kraz. The Lawless Idols, the Ghostbusters and Phil Stamper, who teams with a mystery partner, will go at it in a three-way tag team encounter. Autumn Breeze duels with Amy TuTone and Jackie Daniels in a women's trifecta.

Andy Header and Freakboy tangle in another bout, while Chris Envy tests the skills of Furio Falcone. Mongoose will battle Roadblock Chad McCoy, and Drew Chaos wrestles the Crimson Avenger. The Greek Physique Nick Destiny has been working to get himself on the card, but there seems to be a bit of controversy concerning his status with the company. A press relesase on the company website indicates Destiny needs to sell a minimum of fifty tickets to secure a spot on the card and if he manages to do that, but loses his match, his job is gone and so is that of his friend Adam Bixler.

This past Monday on Raw, Stephanie McMahon revoked Big Show's lifetime ban from WWE and Triple H granted him a championship match with Randy Orton at Survivor Series to settle the lawsuit Show had been threatening with his attorney David Otunga. Have to admit the prospect of Show in the main event does not exactly seem to have moneymaker written on it.

There also seemed to be some booking that would lead us to believe it will be C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan teaming up against the Wyatt Family for SS. John Cena teamed with Cody and Dustin Goldust Rhodes to upend the Real Americans and Damien Sandow in six-man tag team action at Raw. Del Rio will likely get a rematch with Cena for the world heavyweight championship at SS and with Dolph Ziggler getting a non-title victory over Curtis Axel on Raw, they will likely be opponents for the ppv.

TNA advertised the appearance of a former world champion at Impact this past Thursday and it turned out to be Adam Pacman Jones. Yes, he once briefly held half their tag team titles during a hiatus from football. Granted, it would only be fair to admit upfront that there is no love in this corner for Jones, but it makes so little sense to have him come out on television during football season and bodyslam one of the TNA wrestlers, particularly as easily as Kazarian made it look for him to do so. What is the upside? Where is the payoff?

The Thursday show, which went up against Thursday Night Football, did not fare well in the ratings and featured an endless run of angles with Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode, the breakup of the Main Event Mafia, a teased breakup of Aces and Eights and very little meaningful wrestling action. There was the farce of Dixie being offended by A.J. Styles defending the company title in Mexico, the one she stripped him of and is running a tournament for which to find a new champion.

As Gorilla Monsoon was fond of saying, "Give me a break."

(Shamokin's Bill Gilger

"arranges" the interview each week with The Insider)