COAL TOWNSHIP - It's been a difficult season for Mount Carmel's swimming teams.

They've spent precious little time in their own pool because of maintainance problems. On Tuesday against Shamokin, there were nine girls on the team and one boy.

So it was no surprise that Shamokin swept the meets, with the Indian girls winning 102-65 and the boys 121-10.

What was surprising was that Mount Carmel coach John Backes and his assistants remain relatively upbeat.

"We've actually got a pretty good group of girls right now and we're counting on getting more in the next few years from our youth program," Backes said.

But even a good group of girls can't overcome the obstacle of not having a pool to swim in, which the Red Tornadoes had earlier this season. A wayward squirrel got into a transformer and fried all the electric circuitry for the pool.

"It shut down the pumps and the heating system," Backes said. "It fried everything. The worst part was that we didn't even get to eat the squirrel."

What it did more than anything was to cut down on the Red Tornadoes' workouts.

"We had to come down here (Shamokin) to practice and we couldn't get into the pool until 7:30 at night, and we only had about an hour," Backes said. "It really cut down on our yardage. That's something swimmers have to have."

The Red Tornadoes did manage to win three events in the girls meet. Lauren Hause won the 50 and 100-yard freestyles, and Samantha Miscavage won the 100-yard backstroke.

Emily Bridy was a double individual winner for the Indians, taking the 200-yard individual medley and the 100-yard butterfly. Other winners for Shamokin were Noelle Erickson (200 freestyle), Mariah Bielski (diving), Evelyn Madrak (500 freestyle) and Samantha Carpenter (100 backstroke).

Mount Carmel's lone boys swimmer, Michael Swatski, managed a win, taking the 100-yard backstroke in 1:06.23. He also placed second in the 200 IM.

Josh Scheuren and Joe Colangelo were double individual winners for Shamokin. Scheuren won the 200 IM and the 100-yard breaststroke, and Colangelo was first in the 100 butterfly and 500 freestyle. Other winners were Brian Stefanowicz (200 freestyle), Darien Levi Craft (50 freestyle), Jon Koons (diving) and K.C. Long (100 freestyle).

Backes would like more boys out for the team but said he thinks that will work itself out, too.

"I've found that turnout goes in cycles," he said. "We could go some years with not many kids, then we might get a group of 20 or so."


Shamokin 102, Mount Carmel 65

200 medley relay - Shamokin (A. Mangiaruga, Carpenter, Bridy, Erickson) 2:09.53; Mount Carmel; Shamokin; 200 freestyle - Noelle Erickson, S, 2:17.90; Michelle Fellin, S; Ashley D'Andrea, MC; 200 IM - Emily Bridy, S, 2:36.23; Evelyn Madrak, S; 50 freestyle - Lauren Hause, MC, 29.09; Ashley Doyle, MC; Abby Mangiaruga, S; Diving - Mariah Bielski, S, 118.60; Michaela Caulder, S; 100 butterfly - Bridy, S, 1:09.48; Erickson, S; Samantha Miscavage, MC; 100 freestyle - Hause, MC, 1:06.59; Bielski, S; Katie Faust, S; 500 freestyle - Madrak, S, 6:34.48; Fellin, S; Doyle, MC; 200 freestyle relay - Shamokin (Madrak, Bielski, Bridy, Erickson) 1:58.35; Mount Carmel; Mount Carmel; 100 backstroke - Miscavage, MC, 1:20.12; Mangiariuga, S; Faust, S; 100 breaststroke - Samantha Carpenter, S, 1:12.55; D'Andrea, MC; Miranda Green, MC; 400 freestyle relay - Shamokin (Fellin, Mangiariuga, McSurdy, Caulder) 4:58.02; Mount Carmel.


Shamokin 121, Mount Carmel 10

200 medley relay - Shamokin (Rodarmel, Forbes, Craft, Long) 2:01.81; Shamokin; 200 freestyle - Brian Stefanowicz, S, 2:19.09; Andrew Eveland, S; 200 IM - Josh Scheuren, S, 2:25.04; Michael Swatski, MC; Mike Rodarmel, S; 50 freestyle - Darien Levi Craft, S, 26.80; Dexter Haight, S; Jesse Feudale, S; Diving - Jon Koons, S, 171.95; Briar Forbes, S; 100 butterfly - Joe Colangelo, S, 1:10.98; 100 freestyle - KC Long, S, 58.83; Haight, S; Eveland, S; 500 freestyle - Colangelo, S, 6:03.75; Rodarmel, S; Forbes, S; 200 freestyle relay - Shamokin (Long, Feudale, Brown, Scheuren) 1:58.06; Shamokin; 100 backstroke - Swatski, MC, 1:06.23; Stefanowicz, S; Kyran Brown, S; 100 breaststroke - Scheuren, S, 1:22.49; 400 freestyle relay - Shamokin (Long, Eveland, Feudale, Stefanowicz) 4:55.98.