SHAMOKIN - Out of the 189 entries received in week nine of The News-Item Football Contest, only two correctly picked 13 out of 13 games, so the judges had to use the contest tiebreaker to determine the winner.

It was Jackson Ebright, of 335 W. Fourth St., Mount Carmel, who had the closest guess of 57 points as the week's high score. The 63 points put up by Ohio State in a 63-14 win over Penn State on Oct. 26 was the high score.

For winning first place, Ebright receives a $50 gift certificate to any of the participating businesses in the contest.

The other perfect paper came from Jim Williams Jr., of 1020 W. Pine St., Coal Township, who also picked 13 out of 13 correct, but guessed 54 points as the top score, earning second place and a $25 gift certificate.

Miriam Berezovske of 149 S. Chestnut Street, Mount Carmel, was one of 32 competitors that correctly picked 12 out of 13 games correct, but was the closest in the high score guess with 57 points, winning third place and a $15 gift certificate.

The three winners and the other competitors that picked 12 out of 13 games correct are entered into the drawing for the $200 grand prize at the end of the season. Those entered are: Sam Dascani, of Coal Township; Kenny Kautter, of Mount Carmel; Carolyn Yodis, of Mount Carmel; Douglas Ebright, of Shamokin; Emily Gunderman, of Mount Carmel; Bryan Stamets, of Coal Township; Jim Boris, of Coal Township; Richard Stryeski, of Coal Township; Mike Dormer, of Mount Carmel; Lou Ebright, of Shamokin; Patty Long, of Shamokin; Effie Ebright, of Shamokin; Gene Yavorski, of Mount Carmel; Clara Keretski, of Mount Carmel; Bob Handerahan, of Mount Carmel; Jim McKnight, of Coal Township; Jean Marcinek, of Coal Township; David Williams, of Coal Township; Dan Smink, of Shamokin; Rita M. Ginitz, of Shamokin; Karen Slotterback, of Mount Carmel; Vince Brokus, of Shamokin; Barb Miller, of Shamokin; Donald Deromedi, of Atlas; Steve Darrup, of Mount Carmel; Mary M. Derk, of Coal Township; Carl Bielski, of Coal Township; Warren Walters, of Shamokin; Richard J. Tasker, of Coal Township; Vanessa Nicola, of Shamokin and Gene Zurick, of Coal Township.

One game in the Brewer's Outlet ad did not count because it was repeated elsewhere in the slate of games.

Scores from last week's games were: Southern Columbia 44, Central Columbia 12; Ohio State 63, Penn State 14; Shikellamy 28, Shamokin 0; Mississippi State 28, Kentucky 22; North Schuylkill 48, Panther Valley 21; Ball State 42, Akron 24; North Carolina 34. Boston College 10; New England 27, Miami 17; Upper Dauphin 27, Line Mountain 0; BYU 37, Boise State 20; Fresno State 35, San Diego State 28; Mount Carmel Area 24, Selinsgrove 19; UNLV 27, Nevada 22.