WILLIAMSPORT - Shamokin MMA fighter Paul "P.J." Sweda, recently won his first professional fight, defeating Eric "10 Gauge" Steppe, in Williamsport with a choke hold in 30 seconds.

Sweda thanked a group of area fans who traveled to Williamsport to see him compete.

"People know me as a fighter, they know what I do, but really don't understand the sacrifice as well as the reward. I usually have one or two people here to support me, I honestly could have cried when I saw all the familiar faces."

Sweda's next fight is scheduled for February although an opponent has yet to be announced.

He also thanked his sponsors, Fegley's Painting, Achieve Fitness, Bloom MMA, B&B Center, Cracked Cup and his coaches.

If any individual, club or business is interested in sponsoring Sweda for his upcoming fight(s), please feel free to call or email: Paul Sweda 570-933-0665; email swedamacmma@yahoo.com or call Ron at 570-648-5180.