Injuries continue to plague WWE as it prepares to offer Extreme Rules next Sunday, its first pay-per-view since the ultra-successful WrestleMania 29, which reportedly generated some $72 million in overall revenue according to a company press release.

World heavyweight champion Dolph Ziggler recently suffered what was described by Jim Ross on his blog as a "serious concussion" when he was caught with a Jack Swagger kick to the head as he interfered in a match between Swagger and Alberto Del Rio.

Ziggler, one of the most athletic and entertaining performers in the company, but one who has a particularly risky style of wrestling, said on the company website that he couldn't remember much about the night of his injury or the next day and had a major headache that did subside somewhat two days after the injury.

It is very doubtful he could return for the Extreme Rules ppv for the scheduled three-way where he was to defend the belt against Del Rio and Swagger in a ladder bout. Swagger injuring the champ could not have been much help to his status in the company coming on the heels of his much-publicized marijuana arrest shortly after getting the push of his career for a title match at Mania.

John Cena is recovering from a heel injury, but has been working through it on television and will defend the WWE title against Ryback in a Last Man Standing match. He acknowledged that he hasn't been 100 percent for years. Most wrestlers would probably say pretty much the same thing. It just seems to go with the territory.

C.M. Punk has been out of action and given time to see if he can heal up from lower body injuries, but with the shortage of star power, it could be a shorter break than planned. Rock tweeted that he had some wire mesh inserted during his recent abdominal surgery and rumors are that the Undertaker needs some additional surgery. The Dead Man reportedly underwent some arthroscopic surgery not all that long before this year's Mania and might be considering wrestling at SummerSlam.

With so many guys hurting, there are rumors of several names returning and some NXT developmental guys getting some opportunities on the road at house shows to see if they might be ready for the big time. John Morrison is a name being mentioned as possibly returning. Every time somebody significant goes down, Batista's name seems to surface. Bray Wyatt, grandson of HOF member Blackjack Mulligan is scheduled to appear on house shows this weekend. Corey Graves is also expected to debut.

Perhaps due to the numerous injuries, the big angle on Raw last Monday centered around Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman visiting WWE headquarters and Lesnar trashing Triple H's office. Guess it was time for some remodeling so they had Lesnar lay waste to the place. The promo Helmsley did to answer the assault on his furniture in Stamford was probably not one of his strongest.

So far, the only thing pushed for Monday night's Raw is a dance off between Fandango and Chris Jericho. That seems to indicate the two may tango at the ppv. We can only hope Antonio Cesaro finds his way onto the card as he is providing some of the finest wrestling matches in the company right now-at least the kind of wrestling some of us would prefer to see.

Jerry the King Lawler is being advertised to return to the ring to wrestle for Dory Funk Jr.'s Bang promotion in Ocala, Fla. in late June. He must be getting a clean bill of health from his doctor and be weaned off the blood thinner he was reportedly on after his near-fatal heart attack last September. It is highly unlikely he will ever wrestle again on WWE television.