COAL TOWNSHIP - Taking on Williamsport is not necessarily the best way to open the season, but Shamokin Area's swimmers, while not expecting many wins, did get the advantage of bringing their times down against the strong Millionaires.

Williamsport won both ends of Tuesday's meet at Shamokin, with the girls winning 101-73 and the boys 93-74. The scores were that close because Williamsport elected to swim exhibition only after clinching each meet.

Shamokin Area coach Connie Boyer was not displeased. Far from it, after graduating some of their best swimmers, particularly on the boys team, and going through an offseason in which the future of the program was in jeopardy due to budget cuts.

"We have a good group of kids this year and really

good senior leadership," Boyer said. "A lot of kids swam over the summer. They were lifeguards at pools and even though they weren't sure there would be a team, they kept up their workouts. It's a great gang of kids."

Natalie Zicolello was a double winner for Williamsport's girls, taking the 200-yard individual medley and 100-yard butterfly. Shamokin's Ciana Rollman, a returning state qualifier, won diving for Shamokin. The Indians' other wins came after Williamsport clinched, Stef Hile won the 100 backstroke and Emily Bridy the 100 breaststroke.

Williamsport's boys had a pair of double winners, and another swimmer who broke a pool record. John Good won the 200 and 500-yard freestyles, and Nick Pellegrino won the 50 and 100-yard freestyles.

Shaun Smith set a pool record with his time of 56.88 seconds in the 100-yard butterfly. breaking the record of 56.93 held by Bloomsburg's Stefan Szilagyi. Briar Forbes and Jon Koons were first and second, respectively, in diving for the Indians.

As in the girls meet, Shamokin took some firsts after Williamsport went exhibition. Brian Stefanowicz won the 100-yard backstroke and Joe Colangelo won the 100-yard breaststroke.

"We had a nice first meet," Boyer said. "I really saw people's times dropping over what we had timed them so far. I think we're going to have a good season."


Williamsport 101, Shamokin 73

200 medley relay - Williamsport (Reis, Sheppard, Zicolello, Niditch) 2:09.84; Shamokin; Williamsport; 200 freestyle - Megan Hepler, W, 2:22.95; Maddison Fink, W; Rebecca Hepler, W; 200 IM - Natalie Zicolello, W, 2:36.19; Cathrine Hepler, W; Alison Rothrock, W; 50 freestyle - Pamela Niditch, W, 28.29; Jolene Drum, W; Stefanie Hile, S; Diving - Ciana Rollman, S, 190.25; Katie Frank, W; Courtney Snyder, W; 100 butterfly - Zicolello, W, 1:09.90; Emily Bridy, S; Pamela Niditch, W; 100 freestyle - Reis, W, 1:01.23; Jolene Drum, W; Mariah Bielskie, S; 500 freestyle - R. Hepler, W, 6:31.04; Fink, W; Kelsey Robbins, W; 200 freestyle relay - Williamsport (Niditch, Good, Drum, Reis) 1:55.18; Shamokin; Williamsport; 100 backstroke - Hile, S, 1:11.43; Abby Mangiariuga, S; Katie Faust, S; 100 breaststroke - Bridy, S, 1:18.51; Evelyn Madrak, S; Caroline McSurdy, S; 400 freestyle relay - Shamokin (Caulder, Faust, Mangiariuga, Madrak).


Williamsport 93, Shamokin 74

200 medley relay - Williamsport (Hartzell, Smith, Sc.Smith, Sh. Smith, Pellegrino) 1:49.21; Shamokin; Williamsport; 200 freestyle - John Good, W, 2:02.92; Mitchell Smith, W; Brett Cavanaugh, W; 200 IM - Scott Smith, W, 2:15.76; Ryan Hartzell, W; Joe Colangelo, S; 50 freestyle - Pellegrino, W, 24.25; Mike Rodarmel, S; Bryan Cavanaugh, W; Diving - Briar Forbes, S, 158.20; Jon Koons, S; Jesse Bush, W; 100 butterfly - Shaun Smith, W, 56.88 (pool record); Brett Cavanaugh, W; Josh Scheuren, S; 100 freestyle - Pellegrino, W, 53.56; Rodarmel, S; Cavanaugh, W; 500 freestyle - John Good, W, 5:32.47; Scheuren, S; Mitchell Smith, W; 200 freestyle relay - Williamsport (Pellegrino, Williams, Good, Sh. Smith) 1:39.93; Shamokin; Williamsport; 100 backstroke - Brian Stefanowicz, S, 1:10.39; 100 breaststroke - Colangelo, S, 1:14.64; Forbes, S; Connor Stefanowicz, S; 400 freestyle relay - Shamokin (Long, B, Stefanowicz, Craft, Colangelo) 4:12.69.