COAL TOWNSHIP - It's been a long time since Shamokin Area's girls track and field team has been a factor in the league and district, and it may be some time yet, but the Indians, with a good mixture of youth and veterans, are showing signs of snapping out of the doldrums.

The Indians, who earned their first win of the season last week at Jersey Shore, tied Mifflinburg 75-75 Tuesday at Kemp Memorial Stadium, and with one of their key athletes out, quite possibly could have won a second straight.

"I'll take it," said coach Dave Kopitsky. "If we had had Devon (hurdler Devon Gallie) today, we might

have won. She got injured last week and Tom (trainer Tom Swaldi) gave her the go-ahead to try to get ready yesterday (Monday) and she tried, but she wasn't ready."

But even so, Kopitsky noted that with last week's win over Jersey Shore and the tie, the Indians probably wouldn't finish last in their division of the Heartland Athletic Conference, which an area paper predicted for them.

"That's a big thing for us," he said.

So a 1-4-1 record may not look all that great, but for a program that was 5-29 the past four seasons and a team that has a lot of good young athletes, it doesn't look bad.

"We don't have a lot of upperclassmen," Kopitsky said. "Several didn't come out this year. But our freshmen are represented real well and the upperclassmen we do have are showing leadership."

Kopitsky cited junior thrower Stef Hile as an example.

"Stef was a high jumper but we lost both Renea (Broscious) and Sam (Zielinski) in the throws and we needed someone to step in there. She's winning some dual meets in the shot and throwing 30 feet in practice," Kopitsky said.

Senior Brandi Segura wasn't sure she was going to come out this year, but did and now looks like she could be a medal threat at the district meet in the javelin, as well as helping the sprinters.

Segura won the javelin, Hile the shot and senior Alaina Petrovich the triple jump, and Molly McDevitt took both the 400 and 800-meter runs.

But the young kids have Kopitsky happy, too.

"Almost all of our relay runners (the Indians won all three relays) were freshmen and sophomores," he said. "Sofia (freshman sprinter-jumper Sofia Pearson) has been great and she has a sister in eighth grade who looks like she's going to do well. In fact, there are several girls in junior high who, if they were on the varsity, would be scoring points for us."

What Kopitsky likes most though is the team's attitude. The team seems to be into the meets, actively rooting for each other, something that's been missing in past years.

Rachel Benjamin (100, 200) and Sarah Lemon (1600, 3200) were double winners for the Wildcats, who had a tie meet for the second straight week.

Matt Gass led Shamokin's boys to a double win, over Mifflinburg, 86-63, and non-conference opponent Carson Long Military Academy, 127-18. Mifflinburg beat Carson Long 109-31.

Against Mifflinburg, Gass, the defending District 4-AAA 400 and 800 champ who has been nursing some mild injury problems, won the 100 and 400 meters, and anchored the winning 1600 relay. He finished second against the Wildcats' Levi Ebersole in the 800.

"Matt's having some trouble reaching that extra gear we're used to seeing with him, that really good kick," boys coach Mike Rogers said. "But that will come. He's running everything for us, so we have to be careful he doesn't re-injure himself. Tom (Swaldi) has some special workouts he's doing."

Josh Scheuren (1600, pole vault, 3200) joined Gass as a triple winner against Carson Long, thrower Christian Duganitz (shot put, discus) and jumper Chris Petraskie (long jump, triple jump) were double winners.

The Indian boys are 3-4.


Shamokin 86 Mifflinburg 63

100 - Matt Gass, S, 11.5; Logan Finsterbush, M; Jacob Gallagher, S; 200 - Finsterbush, M, 23.4; Draven Miller, S; Gallagher, S; 400 - Gass, S, 50.9; Levi Ebersole, M; Zach Santey, S; 800 - Ebersole, M, 2;05.4; Gass, S; Austin Miller, M; 1,600 - Quincy Amabile, M, 4:56.1; Adam Miller, M; Josh Scheuren, S; 3,200 - Amabile, M, 11:04.3; 100 hurdles - Santey, S, 17.4; Richard Antonyuk, M; Noah Hornberger, M; 300 hurdles - Santey, S, 44.9; Draven Faus, S; Noah Hornberger, M, 47.6; 400 relay - Shamokin 46.2; 1,600 relay - Shamokin 3;36.8; 3,200 relay - Shamokin 9:00.3; High jump - Zach Moyer, S, 5-10; Chris Petraskie, S; Long jump - Antonyuk, M, 18-6; Petraskie, S, Russel Henz, S; Triple jump - Petraskie, S, 39-7; Antonyuk, M; Moyer, S; Shot put - Christian Duganitz, S, 44-2; Miller, S; William Ruch, S; Discus - Dylan Yost, M, 118-8; Duganitz, S; Austin Miller, M; Javelin - Alek Bonshock, S, 135-0; Pole vault - Benjamin John, M, 12-0; Easton Plummer, M; Logan Stenger, M.

Shamokin 127 Carson Long 18

100 - Matt Gass, S, 11.5; Jacob Gallagher, S; Draven Miller, S; 200 - Miller, S, 23.8; Gallagher, S; A. Oden, CL; 400 - Gass, 50.9; Zach Santey, S; Dan Delbaugh, S; 800 - Gass, S, 2:08.1; Ryan Rompolski, S; Max Morrison, S; 1,600 - Josh Scheuren, S, 4:59.8; Rompolski, S; Ryan Gass, S; 3,200 - Scheuren, S, 11:10.1; Noah Rachau, S; A. Estep, CL; 110 hurdles - A. Brice, CL, 17.3; Santey, S; Draven Faus, S; 300 hurdles - Brice, CL, 44.1; Santey, S, 44.9; Faus, S; 400 relay - Shamokin 46.2; 1,600 relay - Shamokin 3:36.8; 3,200 relay - Shamokin 9:00.3; High jump - Zach Moyer, S, 5-10; Chris Petraskie, S; Long jump - Petraskie, S, 17-10¾; Russell Henz, S; Moyer, S; Triple jump - Petraskie, S, 39-7; Moyer, S; Rachau, S; Shot put - Christian Duganitz, S, 44-2; D. Miller, S; William Ruch, S; Discus - Duganitz, S, 109-0; A. Brown, CL; Zachery Bradigan, S; Javelin - Alek Bonshock, S, 135-0; A. Wood, CL; A. Serebenetski, CL; Pole vault - Scheuren, S, 8-6.


Shamokin 75 Mifflinburg 75

100 - Rachel Bingaman, M, 13.1; Sofia Pearson, S; Cassandra Lewis, M; 200 - Bingaman, M, 27.4; Paige Clawser, M; Cheyenne Popewczak, S; 400 - Molly McDevitt, S, 1:05.9; Danielle Reed, S; Kathryn Alexander, M; 800 - McDevitt, S, 2:42.6; Alexander, M; Hannah Spotts, M; 1,600 - Sarah Lemon, M, 5:51.9; Clawser, M; Samantha Carpenter, S; 3,200 - Lemon, M, 13:04.4; Christina Troutman, S; Caitlyn Pope, S; 100 hurdles - Elena Hoffman, M, 18.01; Jada Handiboe, M; Molly Hasuga, S; 300 hurdles - Lea Richardson, S, 55.8; Hoffman, M; Handiboe, M; 400 relay - Shamokin 54.9; 1,600 relay - Shamokin 4:31.3; 3,200 relay - Shamokin 11:01.5; High jump - Alexander, M, 4-5; Alaina Petrovich, S; Jacqueline Beck, M; Long jump - Pearson, S, 14-1¼; Beck, M; Petrovich, S; Triple jump - Petrovich, S, Beck, M; Kiera Novobilski, M; Shot put - Stef Hile, S, 28-4; Jessica Knouse, M; Virginia Johnson, M; Discus - Johnson, M, 79-6; Hile, S; Megan Sheriff, S; Javelin - Brandi Segura, S, 97-9; Richardson, S; Hasuga, S; Pole vault - Kari Meiser, M, 8-6; Kayla Fulp; Jada Handiboe.