COAL TOWNSHIP - Junior high sports will not be cut from the budget at Shamokin Area in 2013-14, but its future remains very much in doubt.

The athletics committee of Shamokin Area's board of directors met Monday, and its chairman, Bob Getchey, said he's been reassured by district administrators that there is enough money in the budget to fund junior high sports next school year.

"We had discussions of cutting it," Rick Kashner, athletic director, told committee members as he asked for an update on the future of junior high sports.

"We're keeping it for this year. Now, next year, I don't know if we'll have the money," Getchey said.

Board directors are expected to balance an approximate $3 million budget deficit for 2013-14 by using reserve funding.

There are indications that the budget deficit in 2014-15 will be more significant and could mirror the process last year when significant cuts and layoffs were made.

In other business, the committee recommended the start time for junior high girls sports be moved back one hour, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., allowing parents more time to come to the games.

The committee will also discuss perhaps moving back boys sports start times, which are currently 4:30 p.m.

Youth football leagues are again seeking use of Kemp Memorial Stadium, and Getchey said it's his opinion that permission come with a caveat - they must support varsity football Coach Yaacov Yisrael.

He said there was little cooperation in the past under former coaches Carmen DeFrancesco and Dan Foor. If the youth leagues - the city league and Little Indians - are asked by Yisrael to incorporate certain techniques and lessons into their programs, he said they should do it.

"We're trying to build a program," Getchey said. "The foundation starts at the low levels."

"If they're not going to work with 'Coach Cov,' I won't vote to give them the field," he said.

The committee turned down the baseball boosters offer to purchase pants colored black or gray. The school's colors are purple and white and committee members said the uniforms should reflect that.

An anonymous donor is offering to purchase a pair of scoreboards for the elementary gymnasium and the soccer field at no cost to the district, Getchey said. More information will follow as the offer unfolds.