York's Rick Eckert drove to victory in the Late Model Fall Classic at Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night. It was Eckert's second straight victory in the event and worth $5,000. It was his sixth career win at the Snyder County track where he started racing late models in 1984.

He set a one-lap record in qualifying with a lap of 18.848 seconds.

Eckert started sixth and was up to third by lap 17 of the 30-lap main event. Following a restart, he drove by Danville's Jeff Rine and into the runner-up spot.

Race-long leader Coleby Frye had a mechanical failure, handing the lead over to Eckert. He scored the win by 1.8 seconds over Rine, Jason Covert, Dan Stone and Dylan Yoder.

Brian Johnson of Ashland won $500 in the 20-lap street stock challenge race. It was Johnson's fourth win of the season at Selinsgrove. Bob Bussey, Matt Lawrence, Corey Collier and Lori Croop completed the top five.

It was the speedway's final race of the season.

A racing flea market will be held on the speedway grounds beginning at 7 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 27. The awards banquet will be held on Saturday, Nov. 3 in Harrisburg.

Sunbury's Mark Smith led all 25 laps of the 358 sprint car feature at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday night. Smith earned $1,500 for his first win at Lincoln this season.

Brian Montieth won the Hank Gentzler Memorial at Lincoln over Brent Marks and Gerard McIntyre Jr. His eighth Lincoln win of the season was worth $4,000.

At Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night, it was Rick Lafferty

scoring his second win of the season. He held off Ryan Taylor late in the race for the win. Glenndon Forsythe won the 358 sprint feature, holding off Selinsgrove track champion Pat Cannon.

Sean Campbell of Lansdale won the 305 sprint feature as part of the Blue Collar Classic at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday night. Campbell bested a field of 56 cars. Jeff Schall, Jake Waters, Brian Carber and Matt Mountz completed the top five.

Ralph Morgan Jr. won the 20-lap main event for the 358 late models and Mike Walls won the 20-lapper for the pro stocks.

Port Royal presents the makeup Labor Day Classic for sprint cars this Saturday to conclude its season. Lincoln's season also concludes on Saturday with its final regular show. Williams Grove also hosts its final regular show of the season.

Racing Recap


Williams Grove Speedway

Sprints, 25 laps: 1. Rick Lafferty. 2. Ryan Taylor. 3. Jim Siegel. 4. Paul McMahan. 5. Brent Marks. 6. Daryn Pittman. 7. Danny Dietrich. 8. Brian Montieth. 9. Logan Schuchart. 10. Don Kreitz Jr.

Heats: Lance Dewease, Siegel, Dietrich.

Consolation: Michael Ruttkamp.

358 Sprints, 20 laps: 1. Glenndon Forsythe. 2. Pat Cannon. 3. Nate Hammaker. 4. T.J. Stutts. 5. Mark Smith. 6. Ryan Wilson. 7. Derek Locke. 8. Eric Tomecek. 9. Ted Thomas Jr. 10. Jay Galloway.

Heats: Locke, Aaron Eichelberger, Wilson.

Consolation: Jason Shultz.


Lincoln Speedway

Sprints, 25 laps: 1. Brian Montieth. 2. Brent Marks. 3. Gerard McIntyre Jr. 4. Danny Dietrich. 5. Lance Dewease. 6. Brad McClelland. 7. Alan Krimes. 8. Brian Leppo. 9. Cory Haas. 10. Billy Dietrich.

Fast Time: Montieth, 13.181.

Heats: Krimes, D. Dietrich, Lance Dewease.

Dash: B. Dietrich.

Consolation: Randy Baughman.

358 Sprint Championship, 25 laps: 1. Mark Smith. 2. Jeff Rohrbaugh. 3. Ryan Wilson. 4. Tim Wagaman. 5. Tim Berkheimer. 6. Austin Hogue. 7. Steve Owings. 8. Tyler Ross. 9. Niki Young. 10. Brad McClelland.

Fast Time: Cris Eash, 14.061 (NTR)

Heats: Wilson, Dale Hammaker, Smith, McClelland.

Consolation: Brie Hershey.

Port Royal Speedway

305 Sprints, 25 laps: 1. Sean Campbell. 2. Jeff Schall. 3. Jake Waters. 4. Brian Carber. 5. Matt Mountz. 6. Kyle Reinhardt. 7. Kody Lehman. 8. Bruce Kindberg. 9. Tyler Bear. 10. Ed Newhauser.

Heats: Campbell, Reinhardt, Nate Gramley, Mike Koehler, Kindberg, Mountz.

B-mains: Steve Kennawell, Mike Wagner II, Bear.

358 Late Models, 20 laps: 1. Ralph Morgan Jr. 2. Grant Adams. 3. Travis Mease. 4. Charles Schaffer. 5. Mike Altobelli Jr. 6. Chad Myers. 7. Ryan Walls. 8. Harold Ranck Jr. 9. Mike Goodwin. 10. Steve Stitt.

Heats: Gene Knaub, Lincoln Ritchey.

Pro Stocks, 20 laps: 1. Mike Walls. 2. Greg Diehl. 3. Hayes Mattern. 4. Craig Morgan. 5. Chad Smith.

Enduro Dash, 20 laps: 1. Bill Powell. 2. Ryan Leister. 3. Mike Goodwin. 4. Pat McClain. 5. Jared Fulkroad.

Selinsgrove Speedway

Late Models, 30 laps: 1. Rick Eckert. 2. Jeff Rine. 3. Jason Covert. 4. Dan Stone. 5. Dylan Yoder. 6. Scott Haus. 7. Nick Dickson. 8. Dave Zona. 9. Matt Cochran. 10. Brian Booze.

Heats: Derek Byler, Stone, Rine.

Fast Time: Eckert, 18.848.

Street Stocks, 20 laps: 1. Brian Johnson. 2. Bob Bussey. 3. Matt Lawrence. 4. Corey Collier. 5. Lori Croop.