Daniel Bryan regained the WWE championship at Night of Champions by defeating Randy Orton, while Alberto Del Rio retained the world heavyweight crown via disqualification in his bout with Rob Van Dam.

Both matches were clearly designed to lead to other things, like rematches at the next pay per view.

A.J. Lee held onto the divas belt by using her octopus finisher on Natalya, who had applied a double sharpshooter to Brie Bella and Naomi. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young captured the tag team turmoil pre-show event to secure a title opportunity against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, only to lose that contest on the ppv when Rollins pinned O'Neil after a spear by Reigns.

Dean Ambrose kept the United States championship by defeating Dolph Ziggler, and the Miz took the measure of Fandango with the figure-four leglock submission. Curtis Axel was forced by Triple H to defend the Intercontinental belt against Kofi Kingston and did so successfully before getting beaten by C.M. Punk in a handicap match that led to Punk getting his hands on Paul Heyman.

After Punk pretty much destroyed Heyman, Ryback interfered on Paul's behalf and speared Punk through a table that led to Ryback picking up Heyman and depositing him on top of Punk for a three count and a victory that Heyman can brag about for the foreseeable future.

Monday at Raw, Triple H came out to set the table for the exposure of a make-believe conspiracy between Daniel Bryan and referee Scott Armstrong, who made a fast count in Bryan's title win at Night of Champions. So, once again, Bryan was left looking like the village idiot and the title was suddenly being held in abeyance, their brand new favorite word for the night. While Orton was upset about not getting the belt back, he interfered in Bryan's match with Reigns in the main event and will likely be wrestling for the held-up title at the next ppv.

Dusty Rhodes was out to confront Stephanie McMahon about his sons and the rotten treatment they have been receiving of late. He wasn't there as the Dream, but as Virgil Runnels, father of Cody and Dustin. After Dusty told Steph where she could go, the Shield hit the ring and Big Show also came down, so Steph gave Dusty the choice of being decimated by the Shield or knocked out by the one punch specialist. Show cried about having to do so, but eventually, reluctantly clocked Virgil and helped him slump safely to the canvass. And just to show there were no hard feelings, he rode in the ambulance taking Dusty away.

This was beyond lame, wherever that might actually be. Poor Dusty has really aged, just like the rest of us. He was good in his role, as were the other thespians, but as Gorilla Monsoon was fond of saying, "Give me a break"! Let's just declare Hunter and the McMahon clan evil and move on. The live Cleveland crowd was more into favorite son, the Miz when he valiantly, but unsuccessfully battled Orton. Dolph Ziggler was really good also in his non-title upset of Dean Ambrose in a ppv rematch.

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