Arsenic and
old lace
Someone should ask PPL how much arsenic is in that fly ash that they are planning on dumping.
Walking arounda
Just like the corrections officer in the paper today, I wish I walked around for ten years and forty-five days before I had to go to state prison. He should have went to prison on Aug. 1 when Judge Wiest ordered it.
Take out the trash
Assad from Syria is behind ISIS. We should get rid of Assad right away.
Not humorous
What Gov. Rick Perry tried to do in Texas was political black mail. I don’t like his sense of humor. He should be convicted like anybody else.
With sympathy
This Curran that is in for life, where does he get the gall that he wants his kids to come and visit him. He knew what he did when he killed their poor mother and now he wants sympathy? From who? You’d get nothing out of me.
Shark attack
I went out on a charter boat last week in Delaware where they chum up white sharks and let you shoot them with an AK-47. After shooting that gun I can’t believe anyone could think that they need that kind of firepower for anything outside of a war. Those things should be banned and all rifles like that. Frog’s take: Cripes, you can do that sort of thing to sharks? That is horrible!
Served very cold
I see in the paper that finally justice is going to be served on this ex prison guard. He has been bragging for the past ten years of what a great dad and person he is all over Mount Carmel.
Gov’t yard sale
I read with interest here in Sound Off where Mount Carmel Township is proposing an ordinance for people who are having more than one yard sale per year. I think that is asinine and another example of the government trying to get into our lives.
Nothing but trouble
A good question for all the readers in Sound Off: Is Al Sharpton a peace maker or a trouble maker.
Ashes in your mouth
To the “more fly ash” complaint, they should be grateful for the stripping pits to be filled in with the fly ash. It’s not big coal’s money or influence. It is helping the environment and there is nothing wrong with it.