A group of 13 people and a priest gathered at the mountaintop cemetery. They had assembled on a breezily cool Memorial Day morning to remember family members and other benefactors who had gone before them.

In the quiet interludes between prayers, birds softly serenaded from the large trees in the center of Holy Cross Cemetery. The trees themselves whispered their own prayers as the wind rustled through them.

Then, in the midst of the recitation of the Rosary, there was an incongruous sound - a man's voice coming from a distance. It came from an adjacent cemetery about 50 yards away as a Memorial Day visitor talked into his cell phone.

Fortunately, the man made his call brief and he did not become an obstacle to prayer. He even made us think.

There are very few places where you can go these days where technology does not intrude. It was heard in a cemetery, but it could have been a cell phone user at the rim of the majestic Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

The distractions of the world are present in just about everywhere we go, but if we re-focus on putting God first in our lives, He will be there when we pray.

He may be in the birds' song or the gentle wind rustling the leaves of trees, but if we pray hard enough, the sounds of this world will end and we will only hear Him.


Prayer can be an oasis

in the deserts of our lives.