"I'll meet you under the 12th station." Those words became a lifelong promise from a daughter to her father.

The station she referred to is one of the 14 Stations of the Cross that you will find in virtually all Catholic churches. The stations depict the final hours of Jesus on Good Friday, starting when Jesus is condemned to die and concluding when He is laid in the tomb. The 12th station is especially poignant as it depicts Christ dying on the cross.

The promise to rendezvous and pray together in the pew beneath the 12th station was made and kept countless times over the years. When at last illness prevented father and daughter from keeping that promise in church, they kept it in their hearts.

Even though her dad died years ago, the daughter frequently can be found at her "prayer post." She prays there through faith, in hope and for love.

Sometimes, a "15th station" is added to the Stations of the Cross. Pope John Paul II encouraged the use of the 15th station which is the Resurrection of Christ; in other words, the death of death and birth of life eternal.

Someday, the daughter will meet her father - and all her other loved ones - in the eternal light of God.

It is the joyful reunion for which all the children of God long for with their Heavenly Father.


Our true station in life

is near God.