Both Father's Day and my Father, Joe Kozlowski, have past, but it's never too late to express gratitude.

I owe my Dad (and Mother) a double dose of appreciation for the faith in God he passed on to me and my siblings.

He was a person who did not preach about God; he lived for Him. His daily attendance at Mass and his expectations that his entire family would be in church every Sunday were as effective as any sermon in communicating what love of God is.

Dad would walk just about everywhere he wanted to go in town and he was rarely without his rosary. He prayed as he walked, and greeted people with an ever-present smile and pleasantries. That taught us what love of others is.

But the way Dad lived his life and cherished his wife and children led to us deepening our faith in an additional way.

As we grew old enough to learn about the ineffable mystery of the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, my siblings and I had an advantage over those kids whose family life was not the best.

We could picture Jesus as someone who walked the earth as both the Son of God and Son of Man. We could grasp some of the Holy Spirit - even if it was by picturing the Paraclete as a dove.

But Dad made it easier to understand God the Father. If our Dad was such a good and devout man, then Abba (our Divine Dad) must be unbelievably loving and kind.


Our Father is in heaven, but with us.