The problems that plague the U.S. are enormous. A $17 trillion federal deficit that breeds with every breath you take and a tax code of more than 73,000 pages that shackles economic development. There are jihadist gangs in Iraq and soon-to-be nuclear ayatollahs in Iran. Immigration reform that is nonexistent while thousands of children cross our borders and sit in holding pens. The Obamacare debacle, abortions on demand, gay marriages, corrupt politicians, left-wing academics who have themselves convinced their calling isn't to teach, but indoctrinate. Our vaunted military that is more interested in towing the politically correct line than following traditional protocol while inducting a generation that believes all cultures are exceptional, except our own.

We have scandals of every stripe from the attack in Benghazi, the overreaching IRS, the disgraced VA, the Fast and Furious fiasco, widespread NSA spying and the Solyndra farce, and yet the nation's "top priority," according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is the trademark of the NFL's Washington Redskins.

In this Obama nation, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Board ruled the Redskins' longtime name "may disparage persons or bring them into contempt or disrepute." Reid hailed the ruling against the "injustice perpetrated by the NFL franchise" and dared not utter their name. If anything, the ruling will harm the Redskins' ability to earn money on team merchandise.

For the past 80 years, no Native Americans saw this as an issue. An AP poll found 89 percent of Indians have no problem with the moniker "Redskins."

No sports franchise is named after something offensive.

The only thing offensive about the Redskins is their play.

Offended or not, everyone should be troubled by such a power play. We are no longer a nation of laws, but of rules written by rouge judges and benign bureaucrats throughout every federal agency that is in lockstep with the Obama imperial presidency.

This is about much more than offending Native Americans.

It's an attack on free speech and property rights.

The rule of law means nothing and Native Americans are merely props in Liberaldom's utopia where private property can be seized and trademarks relinquished because of your politics.

This is not about offending Native Americans as teams across the nation are called Braves, Indians and the like, with plenty of states, cities and towns having such names including Indianapolis, Ind., Cherokee, N.C., and bite your tongue, Shamokin, Pa., and the mighty Susquehanna River.

There are plenty of NFL monikers that are offensive. What about the Kansas City Chiefs? The Giants offend the vertically challenged. The Saints insult anyone who's not Christian. The Patriots are repugnant to the Obama administration. Do you suppose the IRS has audited their taxes? Houston Texans are distasteful to anyone who snuck across the border. The 49ers drove out indigenous peoples to pan for gold and should have been changed to the 69ers years ago. Even though the Cleveland Browns were named after owner Paul Brown, you know someone would twist that into a racist rant if they believed doing so would advance their agenda.

Al Sharpton anyone? Lions clubs everywhere must be offended by Detroit. What about vegetarians and the Packers? On some level, horse lovers have to be put off by the Broncos and Colts. The Chargers are too militant, haunting leftists of our "military industrial complex." The Raiders extol pillaging and raping - same for the Buccaneers and Vikings. The Buffalo Bills highlight how evil whites nearly decimated the Buffalo herd in the late 1800s. The Steelers glorify monopolies and robber barons. The Ravens offend every other bird as they are dirty scavengers; then again, people would argue the same about the Eagles. Hands down, the Cowboys are the mascot that should be the most offensive to Native Americans.

If the Redskins truly want to avoid any further liberal grief, all they need to do is find an intrepid redhead to relinquish their sun block for a day at the Jersey Shore and then add their mug to the side of their helmets.

Provided that doesn't work, here are other suggestions: Since 2009, the Obama administration added 10,000 IRS agents, so why not name the team the Washington Tax Collectors or the Washington Red Inks, or perhaps the Dictators or the Metrosexuals, or possibly the Regulators, maybe even the Sodomites, or the Carbon Credits. How about the Washington Cronies, or better yet, the Washington Pickpockets? Given Obama's penchant for amnesty, why not the Washington Rojos?

While at it, why not rename Washington, D.C. - Obamagrad?

(Greg Maresca, a freelance writer, composes "Talking Points" for each Sunday edition.)