Online now: Do you believe Pennsylvania should legalize recreational use of marijuana, similar to what Colorado and Washington state have done?

Last week's question: Do you believe the Obama administration's response to the attack in Benghazi, Libya, is or will develop into a major scandal as some suggest?

Yes: (166 votes) 64.59%

No: (80 votes) 31.13%

Not sure: (11 votes) 4.28%

Total: 257



This is nothing in the amount of real-world problems. Move on to real problems and stop letting Fox News make this more then it has to be.

Mount Carmel

No. If folks knew how the State Department was run and how embassies work, they would understand this is an office, not a fort or military facility.

Coal Township

Yes, and the country still re-elected this guy. May God help us!


Because of the election, Republicans tried to create a scandal, from what was really a tragic event, to attempt to undermine Obama's handling of foreign affairs and gain political points - it failed. The White House found out about the situation about an hour after it began. The president gave the order to the Pentagon to do all it could to assist 30 minutes later. There is probably a lot of blame to share: the CIA's botched rescue, the State Department's inability to provide additional security, the GOP-led House that reduced embassy security.

Coal Township

The only way that this will not be a scandal is if the media lets Obama get away with it by ignoring it. Let's face it, Obama is the poster boy of the Democrat Party at this time, and all of the media on election night were more than thrilled because of his victory. If George W. Bush ignored this incident like Obama did, the media would have been hammering him every day like they did about everything else. It is something that needs to be thoroughly investigated by Congress, and hopefully after it is all over, Obama will be impeached. This does not fit into Obama's agenda of creating a bigger welfare state, and the people that want give-away programs will not tolerate a response. Where's George?


If it hasn't yet, it won't. It amazes me, though, that an ambassador, who is supposed to be off limits to any type of violence or arrest etc., can be killed, along with several of our military personnel, and Obama does absolutely nothing. If the reverse had happened and one of Libya's ambassadors was killed here, they'd be screaming for jihad. We are doomed with this guy as president.