Our Lady of Lourdes is a school where a child can fully develop physically, emotionally, academically and spiritually. They learn in an environment where learning is fun and interesting with discipline. Where each and every child from Pre-k to a senior is known by name and by staff.

My daughter has been a student at Lourdes for the last eight years. And in eight years, I have not been disappointed. I have been around grade school teachers and now high school teachers. There is not one teacher that I know of that has not had time or made time for a child who needed help with school work.

A place where teachers do their best because it is their job. My daughter has asked for help when she did not understand something and the teachers help her and make sure she understands it. I am truly amazed by the way they care.

Lourdes is like family. I walk in the school I am greeted with a smile and "How may I help you?"

As Lourdes celebrates another Catholic Schools Week I would like to personally thank each and every teacher, office worker, coach, cafeteria worker, janitor and volunteer for a job well done. I appreciate knowing other parents are watching out for my daughter. Life is not always perfect, but at Lourdes, children learn to solve problems with care and understanding.

At Lourdes, Sister Margaret greets the children in the morning and at the end of the day, she is outside with them as they are going home. It is really nice to see this. Deacon McCarthy makes the high school students feel at home also.

My daughter does not go to Lourdes because we are rich. I send her there because I want to give her the best. To me, that is a good education.

No matter what I give her, an education is something she will have her entire life. I know she can support herself by having a good career because of the education and learning skills.

As a mother, I am so proud when I am with my daughter and she is wearing that uniform that says Our Lady of Lourdes.

Most people think that because you send your child to Lourdes you are rich. Well, most of the people who send their children to Lourdes are not. Some of us are on fixed incomes, not welfare. So we have a car that barely runs. So we don't go on vacation. So I am forced to spend a lot of time with my husband, daughter and our family pets. I guess we will just be sitting at home making memories and having fun, and we really do have lots of fun. The only stress I have associated with school is when tuition is due or my daughter comes home and says she joined a new activity and it will only cost ten dollars and a plate of brownies.

Proud parent of a Lourdes student

Susan Horan