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What is your favorite local Halloween attraction?

Last week's question: Where do you, or someone you know who hunts, hunt the most?

North'd Co. AOAA land: (40 votes) 29.85%

State gamelands in county: (16 votes) 11.94%

Private land in county: (37 votes) 27.61%

Out of the county: (28 votes) 20.90%

Other: (8 votes) 5.97%

Total: 129



What the commissioners don't understand is that generations of locals here have hunted, fished, rode four-wheelers, camped and enjoyed these mountains. The only way to keep us off is to fence it and patrol it. I'm going hunting on it as I've done for 30 years. Good luck trying to keep me out.

Coal Township

Although this might sound ridiculous, I hunt in an area where there is hardly anyone around. I've been going there for more than 20 years, and each year I have shot a nice buck. I know there are areas like the AOAA park, but there are countless numbers of hunters there who are ready to shoot at anything that moves. This is not safe. I wouldn't hunt there again even if the county started to stock the area with all trophy bucks. There are also a number of state game lands in the area that plenty of deer are harvested from. The AOAA park is mostly good for small game and should be designated as such, especially if and when this park is established. Rules for hunting there need to be set up now.

Coal Township

Excelsior, Big Mountain, Bear Valley, dam areas - all areas within the AOAA park.


We mainly hunt on private property with permission from the owners.

Coal Township

My son and I hunt in Irish Valley, Paxinos and Weiser State Forest. When I first started hunting, my uncle took me "out the mountain" once, but I never hunted there again. Now that the Alaska site is open for everyone, my son and a couple other guys went rabbit hunting there earlier this year.

Coal Township

I hunt wherever it is legal to do so. I enjoy deer hunting and walking alone through the woods, just looking around and enjoying the beauty. If I get a deer, fine. If not, who cares?