To the editor: To the residents of Trevorton who are or are not aware of the recreational vehicle proposed changes on our streets:

We had an ordinance in effect for many years that stated all RVs are to be removed from public streets between Sept. 15 and April 15 of each year. For years, this was the norm, but, at times, it was not enforced because of the lack of a police force. Most residents abided by this ordinance.

Last year, a problem arose and Police Chief Robert John found a "loophole," which led to the township supervisors suspending this ordinance until a new ordinance would take its place with "teeth in it," as I was told.

At the May township meeting, solicitor Roger Wiest, in his legal opinion, stated the old ordinance on RVs gives too much of a blanket response to what is or is not permitted. Wiest noted it is an optional ordinance and is up to the borough police to enforce it. In other words, RVs can be parked on our public streets year 'round and they will not be ticketed unless it is a safety hazard.

If our supervisors go along with solicitor Wiest's opinion, you may be opening up a can of worms. That would mean people who frequent the AOAA facility or the riders on Coal Hill would be able to park their RVs on Trevorton streets rather than taking their vehicles home with them. It would save them on their gas bills.

People from Shamokin or other local communities would legally be able to park their RVs on Trevorton streets during the winter months if they do not have places to put them. Think of it - having an RV parked in front of your home where you normally park and the police chief will tell you "there is nothing he can do."

I truly hope that our elected supervisors look into a tougher ordinance on RV parking. Other communities have them - why can't Trevorton? Solicitor Wiest and Chief John do not live in Trevorton. I am sure if an RV were to be parked in front of their homes, they, too, would want action to remove them.

James Bronokoski