To the editor: This is in response to the letter sent in by Vinny Clausi.

Vinny, I respect the fact that you are trying to save the taxpayers money. You seem to want to question people on what things are costing. Now let's question you on what you have cost the taxpayers.

1. Let's go to the beginning of your election and Fairview Fire Company. You gave your complete backing to place it back in service. A few months later, a lien was placed on the building. The ambulance was repossessed and a Fairview officer was charged criminally. Failed, at taxpayers expense.

2. Kymberley Best lawsuit. I know the terms can't be discussed, but how much did that cost the taxpayers? You helped cause that issue. Failed, at taxpayers expense.

3. Changing the constables' payment process. How is that going to affect the taxpayers next year? Overtime from the officers to transport prisoners to court and back and wear and tear on the vehicles is adding up. Most times it's a five- to eight-hour day for these officers to be in court and to bring back prisoners. There still has to be an officer working the street as this is happening. Shamokin is already strapped; how is this going to affect the taxpayers? Might be a complete fail. You helped that cause.

4. The issue you are having with certain people. Will this create more lawsuits at taxpayer expense?

5. A couple of weeks ago you created a scene at a Shamokin meeting about the length of time you had to speak, but you yourself called the police on someone who did the exact same thing at a Northumberland County meeting.

Municipal meetings are getting to be more like a car wreck. People go not for the issues but to see what kind of drama will be caused. It's time each one of the commissioners look at what has been done and ask himself: Am I the right person to be in this position? Maybe it's time to act ages instead of shoe sizes.

I hope you can answer these questions instead of ignoring them or viewing this as an attack. As you stated, some taxpayers wanted answers on the issues you brought forth. I am a taxpayer who wants answers to these issues.

Rob Figard

Coal Township