To the editor: Once again, Sunday hunting is on the political agenda.

Why is Sunday hunting so necessary? The forest isn't there only for the sport of hunting. The only time it's safe to walk in the forest is on Sundays. Besides, the forest isn't there only for hunting. People like to pick mushrooms, and many of our picnic groves are located somewhere in the woods.

The game commission needs to look at many situations that could cause many serious problems. We're allowing our standards to get away from us and away from that which is right. We are falling short as a Christian nation as sports in America hold the highest priorities. Is this wrong? That about it for a moment.

If Sunday hunting becomes a reality, would you take your family on a picnic somewhere in the woods or even for a stroll in the woods? Would you even walk with your dog?

Sunday hunting should be voted on by ballot referendum, as it's one of the "privileges" that we should look at more closely.

Sunday hunting is mostly a local issue that requires a great deal of thought and consideration because it is a moral issue that will create many problems that we don't need. If it comes to a requirement of a vote, how will you vote? Remember, hunting is a sport.

Mike Klemick