To the editor: On Iraq, I'd like to know what the exit plan is. Again, it's likely we don't have one.

And what happens when the first American gets killed, again? When some Sunni with a TOW (missile) takes out a chopper? Or when our embassy gets stormed, except this time with a fire and vengeance heretofore unseen in this theater?

I was already long home, a combat veteran, when I found myself watching people dangling from the skids on the Hueys as the last nationals were plucked from rooftops in Saigon, as in, "The Fall of Saigon." That was after some 54,000 dead Americans for naught. How many "advisers" might we have in-country for "The Fall of Baghdad"?

Like Sisyphus, are we as a nation condemned to forever roll that huge boulder uphill, just to watch it roll back down again? To keep sending our men and women to war as cannon fodder, as political chess pieces, fighting other people's fights? Inserting ourselves smack dab in the middle of sectarian violence and civil wars where we have no secular business, rhyme or reason? Will we now ever be able to break the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned of? When do the powers that be in Washington just say, "enough!"?

Ritch 'Doc' Santer

Mount Carmel