To the editor: I have some additional thoughts regarding Walt Brasch's wonderful commentary in Tuesday's News-Item.

Of course, there will be the usual counterpoint - biased, liberal media, twisted arguments about tax hikes on the "job creators" and all. Bottom line is, Mr. Brasch has laid out a fully sound, incontrovertible thesis and the Republicans should be damned for their shameless pander to the money gods.

If I may, here's something Mr. Brasch didn't mention as a reason for the right's constant cries for supporting our military with ever-increasing budgets: Despite the Pentagon's own admonishments that we are already over the top of what is necessary, the U.S. defense budget is now about the same as military spending in all other countries combined. Think about how incredible the amount of money that goes to Halliburton, Boeing, Alcoa, United Technologies, and so many more. Think of Halliburton alone as an example. This is a company that Vice President Cheney was, and continues to be, inextricably connected to. At the start of the war in Iraq, their shares were going for about $5 apiece. When Bush and Cheney left office, they were going for better than $50 apiece. A tidy 1,000 percent increase! It sure is nice to know someone on the inside at the start of a war when it comes to a $250 billion, no-bid contract!

It's the right's insistence that we the people support their Military/Industrial Complex. Yup. That's it! It's not supporting our military that's made up of living, breathing, caring human beings; it's supporting our military that's made up of huge, multi-national corporations and their bottom lines. It's their dastardly rationale that was put forth so simplistically, but, so honestly, by Mitt Romney: "Corporations are people, my friend!"

Yes, indeed. Exxon Mobil - that's who I'd like to cuddle up with in front of a fireplace, with a cup of cocoa, on a clear winter's evening!

Ritch "Doc"Santer

Mount Carmel