To the editor: Jeff Bullock's letter on paycheck protection ignores the purpose of the legislation: ending the use of public resources for politics. Under the current system, taxpayers, through the use of government payroll systems, collect campaign contributions and political money for government unions.

Paycheck protection would end this by requiring government unions to collect their own political money rather than relying on taxpayer resources to do it.

Mr. Bullock rightly points out that the government already deducts money from employee paychecks for charitable contributions and insurance premiums. But these deductions are not inherently political and completely voluntary. In contrast, taxpayer-funded collection of government union dues (which can be used for politics) and union PAC contributions are both mandated by labor contracts and entirely political in nature.

Further, Mr. Bullock's accusation that union members are "deadbeats" that need government to collect their dues for them is insulting. Every other political organization collects its own political money from its members by doing what their members want, not using a government middleman.

So despite all the noise surrounding paycheck protection, its purpose is simple: level the political playing field by ensuring taxpayer resources are not used for politics.

Bob Dick

Policy analyst

Commonwealth Foundation

King of Prussia