I take this opportunity to thank all the firefighters who helped with the fire at my property in Shamokin on Monday, Jan. 28.

Many fire companies came together to help each other and the community. Each firefighter risked his or her life to control and contain the fire. Also a special thanks to the Shamokin Police Department and to Cpl. Darwin Tobias III for risking his life to make sure my mother was not in our home. Thanks to the Area Services Ambulance, too.

The teams were tired and still gave it their all. Although the fire was devastating, thanks to these efforts, no one died.

When the arsonist looks back on his actions, I hope he understands the danger he put families and firefighters in. As we try to regain our lives, it is easier today knowing that lives were spared thanks to all people who helped. Each gave of themselves unselfishly. I feel very fortunate to have such amazing people protecting our family.

Susan Martz