Dear Editor: This letter is being written out of disgust for our system. Let me start by saying both my husband and I work full-time jobs to make ends meet. At the end of each week until I pay our bills and get a couple groceries, I have nothing leftover to do with as I please.

I was raised that you live within your means. The welfare system was designed to help people get over a rough spot - not to make a living off of it and pass on from generation to generation. People have to be drug-tested for employment; why shouldn't they have to be drug-tested for that check they're getting every month, compliments of us working people? Some people truly need assistance in this area because of losing their jobs and the economy, but then there are others who sit and pop kids out like a bubble gum machine, which, in turn, makes them eligible for everything under the sun. Then comes income tax time. They get thousands back, and I barely get a fragment of what I paid all year to support them.

Then there's that letter the other week about billing your sewer by water usage. Where is it fair that the elderly who worked a lifetime and paid in are now struggling on fixed incomes, barely getting by and doing without a lot just to be able to keep their properties? Where is it fair that that lone person in the household is paying the same amount for their sewer bill as that family of 10 or 12? To me, the guy that wrote that letter to the editor had a perfect plan. Wouldn't the sewer authority benefit by going off of water usage?

So I end this letter by asking where these people get off thinking that we tax-paying citizens owe them and why should they have leftover money to do with as they please. I surely don't. We buy something and then it takes months to get it paid off. There are jobs out there. I see "now hiring" and "help wanted" signs in this area, but then again, why get a job if you can work the system, sit at home and have kid after kid and reap the benefits? Maybe I'm the stupid one, but then again, I have this thing called "pride."

I don't owe anybody anything. Everything my husband and I have, we worked for. It's called making an honest living. More people in this area should try it. I'm sure it would improve our community and surely weed out a lot of rif-raf.

So, in closing, "you're welcome." Enjoy your leftover welfare money or your new tattoo. I have to go get ready for work now.

Betty Bitterman

Shamokin taxpayer