To the editor: I would like to thank your paper for the outstanding promotion and coverage for our Mahoney Brothers concert on April 20. The show was a smash hit, and the auditorium was filled to its capacity. People attending came from New Jersey, Maryland and many areas of northeast Pennsylvanian and from our local areas.

"Elvis" and "Neil Diamond" came into the audience during their performances, much to delight of the crowd. Student dancers from Mount Carmel Area Junior-Senior High School and Joann Hill got the entire crowd involved in the show.

Our Neil Diamond impersonator honored the victims of the Boston Marathon with a moving rendition of "Sweet Caroline."

The crowd gets bigger every year. Many people have requested a return engagement. I was in touch with The Mahoney Brothers this week, and they have agreed to return next April. All of the proceeds will be used for area youth programs.

Thanks again.

Joe Cesari