To the editor: To Betty Bitterman, I agree with you on your comments about welfare - to a certain extent.

Many people do take advantage of the system. I do not understand how people can get all of this help without proof. I never received or applied for food stamps, cash assistance of LIHEAP (heating assistance).

All I ever asked for was help to take care of my handicapped son, who was born with spina bifida and cerebral palsy.

I was provided with funding to pay caregivers to help with the everyday needs of my son, never knowing it came from the Department of Welfare until after the funding was cut by Gov. Corbett.

My son's caregivers were working without pay for weeks. They stayed with us because they love him and know his everyday needs.

My husband was a very proud man and would never take anything for free. All he ever wanted was to retire and be with his son and me. But, God chose to take him from us.

After calling offices of the governor, state senator and state representative, it seemed useless. After I called Commissioner Vinny Clausi, however, he got things rolling for us and many others across the state.

Recently, I found out state Rep. Gene DiGirolamo (R-18) from Bensalem was involved in getting the funding back to pay the caregivers who take care of special needs people across the state.

Thank you to all who helped.

Betty Procopio