To the editor: I ask, why people would steal or damage political roadside signs?

We have had more than 50 signs stolen or destroyed in lower Northumberland County. If you like President Obama, that is not a reason to steal 25 Romney-Ryan signs. We have also had Kurt Masser, Lynda Schlegel Culver, Tom Smith, David Freed, Diana Irey Vaughan, John Maher and Lou Barletta signs stolen.

It takes a lot of time and hard work to put out these signs. We say to the people stealing or damaging the signs: We like hard work and we have lots of time and lots more signs. If you keep stealing signs, sooner or later you will get caught.

It shows how low some people will go because they are afraid their candidate might lose.

Two years ago, we put out more than 250 signs and not even one was stolen.

Jill Todzia


(Todzia is a Republican committeewoman for Shamokin's 10th Ward.)