To the editor: In a world in which the heart of man grows ever more restless and fear of the future greatly disrupts peace in the soul, a message of hope comes from a most unsuspecting place: Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. In this tiny village, six people (four women and two men) have continuously reported to the world that they have been visited, some on a daily basis, by "a beautiful lady" who calls herself "Queen of Peace" and "mother of all" and urges us to listen and respond to her call of conversion, peace of heart, peace in families and peace in the world.

Since June 24, 1981, the visionaries and apparitions taking place there have been continuously scrutinized by pilgrims and scientists seeking to either affirm or disprove these events. One such pilgrim, Sean Bloomfield, author and filmmaker, traveled to the small hamlet in search of the truth. Like many pilgrims before him, he was not disappointed. Bloomfield experienced a personal conversion that changed the direction of his life.

Leaving Medjugorje with a new sense of purpose and meaning, Bloomfield decided to join forces with Zaid Jazwari, producer, to collaborate on a film describing the events that have occurred and continue to occur in Medjugorje. Rather than profiting from the project, however, outside of soliciting funds necessary for its creation, the job of marketing and screening the movie has been primarily left to volunteers desiring to promote the Medjugorje messages while supporting a worthy cause.

In response to this opportunity, "The Triumph," "a documentary overviewing one of the greatest mysteries of the modern world… a real life prophecy unfolding today," will be presented at Digiplex Cinema Center in Selinsgrove at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 8. The cost is $10 per ticket and can be purchased by emailing or calling 373-1740. Additional information and a preview of the film can be viewed at Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Those unable to afford the full cost can attend at a discounted price. Those in need of reduced pricing should indicate this when they call or email to request tickets.

Proceeds benefit Food for the Poor, a U.S.-based charitable organization serving the needs of the poor.

If peace of heart, mind and soul is what you seek in today's restless world, consider attending "The Triumph" with family or friends. Like earthly mothers wanting only happiness for their children, Our Lady of Medjugorje has been urging us to listen to her. Now she is calling to you … are you willing to listen?

Susan Fletcher

Triumph in Pa.

Promotional coordinator