To the editor: There's real news and there's Fox News.

Watching Fox News in the weeks leading up to the presidential election, one was led to believe that President Obama was going to lose to Mitt Romney by a landslide.

These buffoons on Fox News and Greg Maresca, our "local freelance writer," who whines and complains every week in The News-Item about President Obama from "A to Z," would have you believe President Obama and the Democrats are taxing and spending out of control, causing every penny of the $16 trillion debt.

The simply truth is the cause of most of the national debt has been brought on by decades of Republican policy, starting with President Ronald Reagan, who is known for saying "deficits don't matter." He ran up the largest peace-time debt in American history.

After eight glorious years of Democratic policy with Bill Clinton as president, the U.S. created more than 23 million jobs and had a balanced budget. The national debt was around $5 trillion and was projected to be at zero in 10 years with the current policies in place.

The glory days were short-lived. In 2001, the Republican Party had absolute power and a change in direction. After eight years of Republican policy and George W. Bush as president, the national debt exploded to nearly $11 trillion due to tax breaks for the wealthy, two wars, deregulation of Wall Street and Medicare Part D.

Most of the $6 trillion in additional debt acquired on President Obama's watch was from continuation of past policies and other effects from the financial crisis he inherited.

Republican policies are a cancer to the U.S. If you're not a millionaire and you vote for Republicans, it is the equivalent of being a Philadelphia Eagles fan and wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey.


Michael Krankowski