To the editor: I find Mr. Persing's announcement for re-election to be of great interest. I had to laugh at his statement that he "is not a believer in micro-management." He's so full of it. We all know he is out at that school every single day being entertained by our superintendent, Mr. Zack. To me, as a taxpayer, who contributes to Mr. Zack's salary, I feel he should not be entertaining Mr. Persing on a daily/hourly basis.

I forgot how Mr. Persing is the only board member who (in his mind) accomplishes anything with the district. He's only in the president position because I put him there when I stepped down from the position. And, yes, I agree it was a huge mistake.

As wonderful as he thinks he is, why was it that he and the superintendent could not explain what happened to the $10,000 Persing allegedly raised for the pool fund? Ms. Mariano asked the question about the funds that were raised to "help save the pool." She claimed she had an elderly woman comment on the shower heads in the locker room being broken. That is a building maintenance problem, not a "save the pool" problem.

Luckily, Mr. Kashnoski was in the audience and was able to answer any and all questions on the funds he raised. I believe Ms. Mariano's intention was to spark a negative campaign against Mr. Kashnoski. Plus, I know she is friends with Persing and Getchey, who, have been pushing for Mr. Kashnoski to turn over the funds he and his swimmers have raised.

"You still don't know where the $10,000 went. That's a prime example of why the district is where it is," Mr. Kashnoski was quoted, and he is exactly correct!

"Kashnoski said he did not feel comfortable turning it over to the district's general fund, or any other fund, unless it was earmarked for use on the pool," it was reported. Mr. Persing and Mr. Zack still could not explain where the $10,000 was or if it was even spent. Mr. Persing said he admitted there's no direct accounting. "I don't know where the $10,000 went. It was deposited into the general fund."

If the taxpayers would look at the bill list every month, they would see where a lot of the money is spent, or shall I say wasted.

So as the election nears (May 21), I would hope the taxpayers of Shamokin Area School District would get out to their polling places and vote. There is a slate of newcomers running. Let's give them a chance to see what they can do and get accomplished with the other members, as there are nine members on the board, not just one.

Besides, do we really want career politicians? No.

Thank you.

Tracey Witmer

Board member