To the editor: There is no sweeter facet of life than to "prove" your doubters totally and completely wrong.

When the Sandusky event exploded at State College, the haters, the psuedo-innocents (code for phonies and liars), jumped on Penn State with all the biased, insulting force they could muster. Penn State became the pariah and scapegoat of, not only college football, but of the lack of morality in college sports. When "players" began to leave the Lions program, the mockers started to become vocal and vicious.

When they lost that first game to a second-level team, the cheers became almost deafening. Losing the second game on mistakes and just plain bumbling, the haters jubilation was overbearing.

Then a strange thing began to happen. They won a game. Sure it was just another second-rate team, but then after several wins in a row, the Nittany Lions beat previously unbeaten Northwestern. Yes, they were a little lucky, but the haters were becoming mysteriously quiet.

Losing to Ohio State, the haters again said they got their comeuppance! They then were "Big Tenned" out of a victory at Nebraska. (For those of you really serious Penn State fans, you understand what that means.)

Then, on Saturday night, at State College, a season - which was not expected, a season when only the "faithful" knew was very shaky at best - became a season of pride, honesty, integrity and a reminder that, know matter what life throws at you, the good will win out.

This may have not been the undefeated season Ohio State had, but a coaching staff, a group of student-athletes, a state with unyielding pride and honor showed college athletics what those words are all about.

As an individual who had the distinct pleasure and joy of growing up in small coal region towns, and the honor and privilege of coaching football for six years in other small coal region towns, the pride and joy is overwhelming. "They" tried to kill Penn State, like they did our beloved JoePA, but out football will never die, and Penn State will rise to a level beyond what the haters and psuedo-innocents will ever understand or comprehend.

Edward Wojciechowski

Redmond, Oregon

(Coal Township native)