To the editor: On behalf of myself, borough council and the police department, I would like to personally say thanks for allowing the submission of code violations that were published in your newspaper. To some this seems trivial, but, to me, council, the code department and police, we find it to be the exact opposite.

I believe that publishing these violations will have a long-lasting effect on those who choose to overlook basic requirements to reside in the borough.

We appreciate your commitment to combating blight in Mount Carmel as well as other local communities by allowing violations to be published. We realize this takes extra time on your part, and it's appreciated.

Publishing the code violations is the first of several phases that my office, borough council and the police department are planning on implementing in order to combat blight in Mount Carmel and to improve the quality of life.

We feel that a combined effort with all agencies within Mount Carmel Borough working together will make positive change and the community as a whole a more inviting place to live.

J. Kevin Jones